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Visiting the Library Crossdressed as a Girl

As I've chatted with friends before and during my girl time, the subject frequently comes up as to what I'll do next, and when I've asked several friends for ideas, many of them have said, "Why don't you go to the library?" I've actually been to the library once several years ago, but that was just to return some books, and I wasn't quite adept at taking selfies then, so I didn't have any pics of me actually inside of the library.

I also think that I haven't gone to the library to read because I would be too impatient just sitting there as a girl reading. I don't think I would be able to concentrate on a book, and my mind would likely be racing as to all of the other things I could be doing and places I could go. If you gave me the choice to read a book or try on clothes in the fitting room, I am so going shopping and trying on new things, and so that's why the majority of my blog entries have to do with shopping and running errands rather than sitting still in a single place for too long.

All of that changed today, however, as I finally made a trip to the library crossdressed as a girl. I must admit that I didn't go to the library to read; rather, I had lots of forms to fill out for my family as we are changing dentists, and rather than fill the forms out at home, I thought it would be fun and well worth my time to visit the library, find a table, and then fill the forms out there. I've also wanted to do a photo shoot with me wearing eyeglasses, and so I thought it would be a fun adventure if I went shopping for glasses and then wore them at the library to give me a more studious look.

As for my outfit, I decided to wear my blue keyhole top from Old Navy along with my new white shorts from Polo. I've spent considerable time over the last year looking for a pair of white shorts or capris, and I finally found my treasure at the Ralph Lauren store a few weekends ago, and this is one of the tops that I pictured would go so well with white bottoms. I was super excited as I dressed first in a matching teal bra and panties, and this particular bra has straps that can be fastened in the middle of the back to be worn with a top like this fun keyhole top. You can just see the teal straps of my bra peeking out of either side of this top, but that's part of the fun as well.  ;-)  I completed the look with the pair of white sandals I purchased at Gordman's recently that have plenty of fun straps but that also show off my painted toes, and after strategically placing a pair of sunglasses on top of my head as an accessory, I was ready to go from my head to painted toenails.

As for my hair, I kind of have the image of a studious girl wearing her hair up, and so I pulled it back tightly as if tying it into a ponytail, but as I did a few days ago at the ballgame, I didn't pull the pony all the way through creating a short bun at the base of my head allowing the rest of the hair to fan out across my neck. It's such a fun hair style and one that I will be sure to use the remainder of the summer. When wearing my hair in this fashion, a pair of stud earrings would look fantastic, but since I quite haven't figured out how I'm going to do that with no holes in my ears, I opted for the usual large hoop earrings.

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