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My Panty Quest

One thing that's fun to monitor during my extended girl time is the laundry basket because I can always tell which bras and panties are my favorites based on what keeps popping up in my laundry basket. Specifically, I've noted that by about the fifth day since I've done my laundry, I tell myself, "It's time to do laundry again because I'm running out of panties." Now, I have at least a dozen pair of panties and a dozen bras as well, so when I say that I'm running out of panties, it means that I'm running out of my Vanity Fair panties.

A few days ago I blogged about purchasing a new summer dress from Kohl's, and at the same time, I also purchased a new pair of panties in a pretty mint color along with the dress. The panties didn't match the dress and would probably look too tacky if I wore them underneath the dress, but I purchased them because they were my favorite type of Vanity Fair panties, a style called Illuminations. The panties themselves were from the clearance rack and an absolute steal marked down from $10 to $2, but when I returned home after my outing at Kohl's, the realization suddenly hit me that these panties were probably on the clearance rack because they were a discontinued style. I actually went into a bit of a panic because these have been my preferred panties for easily the last two years.

The panties themselves are comprised of 95% nylon and 5% spandex, and they feel super silky next to my skin, but that small amount of spandex also gives me perfect support. As you can also see from the first picture I've posted, these panties have plenty of room in the front, which is important for a girl like me who was born with extra parts. When worn with a panty liner or Always ultra thin, these panties create a perfectly smooth front and perhaps more importantly, don't bind anywhere that makes it uncomfortable to sit down. Many people will ask me if I tuck, or they'll ask how I create such a smooth front, and I probably disappoint them in my answer because I don't do anything special. In 90% of the pictures you've seen me post in the last two years, I've been wearing Vanity Fair Illuminations panties with a pad and nothing else. I like to think that because I'm a girl inside, wearing the proper underwear with a pad will just naturally create a smooth front typical of a girl.

Anyway, getting back to my dilemma, I love these panties and can't imagine not being able to wear them any more, so my mind went into a bit of a panic thinking I won't be able to buy them in the near future if they're discontinued. As a result, after returning from my trip to Kohl's--where I could only find the single pair of Illuminations panties in mint, I decided that I better head to another department store that I know for sure carries the same panties because I want to buy up as many pairs as I can before it's too late. And so before even trying on my new dress, I made a beeline to Fred Meyer to do some shopping in their lingerie section to try and find more Vanity Fair Illuminations panties.

On the subject of shopping for panties, one thing that I've noticed over the last few years is that most department stores have a lot of clearance racks with bras and panties that provide for some great deals. In fact, the only time that I've paid full price for a bra in the last five years was when I purchased a Body by Victoria bra at Victoria's Secret a few winters ago. I didn't need the bra, but I built up the courage to go shopping at Victoria's Secret dressed as a girl, and I just had to cap off the adventure by making a purchase, and so I purchased a bra in size 36C from one of those super cute velvet hangars. I actually went back to the same boutique about a year later and purchased another bra in pink in the same model, but it was on clearance and marked down to $15.99. The reason that I even bring this up is to point out that so many wonderful bras and panties can be found for super cheap prices as long as you get them from the clearance racks.

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