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Getting Ready for Summer

I always get so excited as the summer nears because it's a wonderful season to cross dress. Not only is it time to pull out my camisoles, short skirts, and extra sheer pantyhose, but every year I always have a block of time to myself when my wife and the kids take an extended summer vacation and visit my mother-in-law. This year I will have just over three weeks to myself, and as I probably mention elsewhere in my diary, during these times, I am Lisa every hour of the day except when I need to go into the office (sigh). And even when I do need to go into work, I am always underdressed wearing a bra and panties, and I usually wear pantyhose as well including open-toe pantyhose with sandals.

It really is a glorious time for me, but what's also so much fun is getting ready for it. A few months before the summer I begin to prepare by planning new outfits, searching for events to attend or other fun excursions, and most importantly, I begin shopping for new clothes. As I've become more accustomed to going out in public as Lisa, I find that I rarely shop online anymore, and all of my new clothes are usually purchased while I'm dressed as a girl.

A fun tradition for me the last few years has been to pick a day in the spring where I can "work from home" and prepare for my busy summer season. I usually plan this day with other girl friends so we can all arrange to be on web cam to chat, and then I always use the afternoon to go out and shop for outfits I'll wear during the summer.

This year I identified a day in May where I would be able to spend time as Lisa and make a few preparations for summer. My wife had to fly out of town for the day, but my kids were still around, so my window of opportunity was from the time I sent my kids to school until the time they came back. I woke up early as usual, showered and shaved my legs, and then dressed in a white bra and panties with a small t-shirt and Bermuda shorts before heading to the kitchen to make the kids breakfast. I will often wear very sheer nylons in a nude shade with shorts, but just out of the shower, I need a bit of time to cool off.

It was our usual busy morning running this way and that, but it was completely exhilarating to feel the support of my bra underneath my t-shirt and to feel my shorts slide back and forth across my panties as I moved. My t-shirt was a thin gray material with tight sleeves, and at a passing glance, no one would likely notice that I was wearing a bra, but I couldn't help looking in every mirror as I passed by to confirm the impression my bra straps made from behind and the slight enhancement in my chest provided by the modest a-cup. I also couldn't help notice that my shorts would slide down on my hips a bit revealing the waistband of my panties, and I was overjoyed each time I needed to bend down a cross dresser in a short white dress and reach for something because I know that my panties were visible as my t-shirt rode up.

As I drove the kids to school and dropped them off one by one, I couldn't help but feel an exhilaration of being properly dressed underneath in a bra and panties, but the sheer joy I felt was also accompanied by feelings of lament knowing that I could not dress like this every morning as I so desperately long to do. Still, I'm a glass is half full kind of girl, so I sped home, briefly checked my work email, and then headed for the powder room to put on my makeup since I knew some girl friends were waiting for me online.

I'm able to do my makeup in a bout 20 minutes these days, so when I was satisfied with my face, I headed to the closet to choose my first outfit (you know how we girls can't decide on just one outfit). It was a very rainy and chilly day, so I decided to wear a long denim skirt. As for my top, I wanted to wear a long sleeve white tee, but I just couldn't make up my mind whether to wear the top as-is or to wear a cute sweater with it. The temperature outside called for the addition of the sweater, but you know how much I love for my bra to show through my top. In the midst of this typical girl dilemma, I didn't want to keep my friends waiting any longer, so I slipped into a pair of nude pantyhose, pulled on my white long-sleeve tee, and then headed for the computer with nothing on below. Actually, the look was kind of cute, and my shirt was long enough that it covered my panties, so for fun I pulled on a pair of high heeled sandals and took a few pics.

I spent the rest of the morning modeling my look for my girl friends via web cam (by this time I managed to pull on my skirt), chatting with them online, and mixing in a bit of work on the side. I always get so carried away on days like this putting together new combinations of outfits to try on that I always lose track of the time, and during this wonderful turmoil, I realized that I needed to scoot if I was going to do some shopping before my kids arrived home from school.

shopping as a cross dresserAs I mentioned earlier, my plan was to wear my long sleeve white tee with my long denim skirt, but I just felt so girly that at the last minute I changed my outfit (sound familiar, girls?) from a boring mom look to a cute housewife dolled up to shop look that would allow me to wear heels and carry a fancier purse. I quickly changed out of my tee and skirt and pulled out a long sleeve red cardigan, a candy-striped skirt from Abercrombie & Fitch, and my pink sling back heels. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail, put in the largest hoop earrings I own, and then grabbed my wife's gorgeous white purse by Coach.

My first stop was Costco because I needed to gas up the car, and even though I was totally over dressed to be fiddling with a gas pump, this is a good errand to run when fully dressed because it helps to ease the tension. You're out there and visible, but you can pay at the pump and you really don't need to talk to anyone. Having said that, Costco's gas stations are very busy and attendants are on hand to help out, so if you're still new at dressing up and going out, pick a place that is quieter. While I was filling my car with gas, I couldn't help but notice my look in the tinted window of my SUV. Another wife around my age pulled up behind me and gave me a smile, and I don't know if it was because she suspected anything or if I looked a bit out of place filling my car dressed so nicely.

After filling up with gas, I headed for Rue 21 because I was really anxious to buy some new tops. I know that Rue 21 is for younger girls, and maybe I'm going through a mid-life crisis, but I was looking for tops with lace, bows, or ruffles. I was quickly running out of time and didn't shop nearly as long as I would have liked, but I did manage to find two a long sleeve v-neck top with a cute lacey collar and the other a see through top with a wide neck that all but requires me to layer something beneath it. I'm sure in time I will take pics of this see through top with and without a layer underneath because I'm already excited at the prospect of wearing a see through top with a black bra.

My last stop for the day was the Gap where I found a darling short-sleeve top with ruffles around the sleeves and a purple floral print against a white background. This top also has an extremely wide neck that screams to be layered over a cami, and once again, I'm sure I'll manage to take pics both with and without a cami. Lately, I've been infatuated with wearing an a-cup push-up bra so that I can use my real boobs to form cleavage. My natural boobs are small for sure, but such wide tops will help me to form at least some noticeable cleavage. I also purchased a tight t-shirt from the Gap in an aqua color. I noticed that I had a lot of warm colors along with an abundance of white tops, so for this shopping trip I focused on cooler colors like blues and purples.

As is usually the case, I made it home with barely enough time just to remove my make up, so I wasn't able to try on my new tops with different skirts, bras, etc. But hopefully, that will be the focus of a future blog entry. Here is a picture of my new tops that I will surely be wearing out and about this summer : ) .

2/2 Black Bra Day

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