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A New Dress and New Panties at Kohl's

With Wicked fast approaching, I knew that I needed to act quickly in terms of finding a dress, and while I haven't decided on exactly what I'm going to wear, I thought it would be crazy if I let one of those dresses I tried on at Kohl's last week slip away from me. I also wanted to add another pair of Vanity Fair panties to my collection, and so I thought I would visit Kohl's tonight to buy a new dress and some new panties.

I was just dying to wear one of the new skirts I purchased at Gordman's last week, and so I chose the simply gray jersey skirt which has a fun flair to it and can be worn with any top. The temperature outside was blazing today, and so I decided to wear a thin, pink gauze top with a wide open neck and back. I found this top at a thrift store a few years ago, and have absolutely fallen in love with it, both for it's looks and for the way it keeps me cool during the summer.

I always have to make sure I'm wearing the proper bra beneath this top because A) my bra will show through it, and B) it's hard for the sleeves to completely stay on my shoulders, so my bra straps will often poke there way out beyond the sleeves to say hello to the world. As a result, I want to wear the proper bra, but I also want it to have thin, cute straps, and so I chose the Maidenform bra in 36C that I purchased at Ross last year.

Along with the pink gauze top and gray skirt, I chose to wear my red and white polka dot flats since those shoes are way comfortable anyway, and I thought the red would be a fun choice to match the pink candy stripe colors in my top. Since I knew I wouldn't be wearing pantyhose today (I've only worn pantyhose once in like 10 days now!), I slipped into those little nylon footsie socks which I absolutely door, and then it was time to put the finishing touches on my hair, which I decided to wear long and straight.

Before I went to Kohl's, I need to fill up my car with fuel, and so I made a quick stop at the local Costco. I don't know what it is about the pumps at Costco, but I always turn into this big model who can't pose enough as I'm filling up, and so I positioned my camera today in such away that I could snap away as I waited for my car to be filled. The late afternoon was super bright, and it's never good to have such a light background when taking pics, but as usual, the pics at the pump turned out pretty cute, so I'll post one here.

When I arrived at Kohl's, I made sure to park near the Junior's section, so I could quickly find that same dress. The other day when I tried on those two white dresses, instead of leaving them in the fitting room to be put away by a worker, I took them back to the clearance rack and placed them in an area where I knew I could find them again if needed. As I entered the store and made my way to the rack, the dresses were not where I put them last, so I bit of panic set in as I searched for them. I did end up locating the dress I intended to buy, and in the process, I found another super cute white dress that I wanted to dry on as well, so I grabbed both dresses and headed for the fitting rooms.

The new dress today was so darling as you can tell from the pics, and I quickly fell in love with it, but if you look at it closely, you can see that the fit is too loose in my torso area. The size was XL, and when I took the dress back to the clearance rack, I looked in vain for a size L, but I just couldn't locate one. It doesn't surprise me though because this dress is so cute I can't believe that even one was still left over. Anyway, when I couldn't find its equivalent in a size L, I took the other dress and then headed over to the lingerie section to try and find the mint colored panties that I located the other day.

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