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A Weekend of Underdressing

Outside of the normal two weeks I get in the summer, the best opportunities for me to cross dress as a woman come when my wife accompanies one of our children to a sporting event or to a band concert that requires a bit of travel. I will of course take my turn as well going to ball games and band performances, but when I'm on the road with a child, I am unable to fully dress as a girl since my child is with me at all times. I of course get excited when my wife takes her turn since I can stay home and go fully en femme spending a morning to myself out shopping, but I always make the best of things when it's my turn to travel with a child, and I do this by constant underdressing.

Over the weekend, my son had a baseball tournament in the next state over, and so I thought it'd be fun to keep a running journal of my underdressing adventures along the way. The tournament required us to spend two nights in a hotel, and so I would have three days and two nights to underdress to my heart's content. I thought it would be fun to keep a running diary of my time and post it along with some fun pictures of me openly wearing pantyhose in the car, at the hotel, and even at the ball field. This is a bit different from my previous diary entries, but I hope you like reading about my thought process throughout the weekend.

Day 1 Thursday
It's just after dinner, and I'm making my final preparations for the journey. My wife is in the kitchen cleaning up the dishes, and thankfully the dishes clanging in the sink and the water running make enough noise to tell me that she's safely in the kitchen. When it's cold outside during the winter, I frequently wear pantyhose and tights with her blessing, but now it's the month of June, and she would undoubtedly question me if she saw me wearing pantyhose at the start of summer.

After arriving home from work, as I put together my guy things for the trip, I snuck three sets of bras and panties and three pair of pantyhose into my computer bag along with enough Always maxi thins to last me for three days. It would be ideal if I could fully underdress meaning wearing a bra along with my panties and pantyhose, but I know my wife is going to give me a big hug as we go out the door, and she would freak out if she knew I was wearing a bra. I will keep a bra close in my computer bag just in case, but my main goal before leaving was to safely change into panties and pantyhose.

With my wife in the kitchen, I open my computer bag and quickly remove a pair of Vanity Fair panties in a coral color along with a pair of Sheer Energy pantyhose in a nude shade and reinforced toe. I also remember to grab an Always maxi thin and then dash to the bathroom where I quickly slip into the panties and nylons with the pad for protection. I remembered to shave my legs in the shower this morning, so the feeling is sensational as I cover back up with some track pants from Under Armor and white ankle socks from Mizuno. I slip the yellow plastic wrapper that came with the Always pad into my front pocket so I will be able to properly dispose of the pad tomorrow morning. I made it! I will be able to make the three hour drive now wearing support pantyhose.
I'm driving on the interstate with my son in the backseat. Luckily he likes to ride back there so he can sprawl out on the full seat and watch movies on a portable DVD player. Just after we made it to the interstate, I set the car in cruise control and removed my shoes and the ankle socks. I am now driving with my feet exposed in my nude pantyhose. Driving in cruise control allows me to rub my feet together from time to time just to remind myself how silky the nylons really are. I pull each pant leg up to expose my ankles and sneak a few pictures with my cell phone before the sun sets. If my son says that he needs to stop for something, it will give me the chance to also change into a bra. Regardless, I love driving like this.
We arrive at the hotel just before midnight. My son is tired and doesn't want to get out of the car. I pull into the parking slot near the entrance and pop open the trunk. I trade my shoes for my sandals and march into the lobby with my reinforced toes exposed through the open toe portion of my sandals. The lady on call likely doesn't get a look as she's sitting behind a tall counter. I check in without incident and then drive the car near our room. It's dark outside as my son and I unpack our things from the trunk. I keep my toes back just a bit in case he looks down but he never does. Now it's time to climb the stairs to the second floor to our room. I lead the way and so I know that the backs of my feet are now closer to his eye level as we climb the stairs. If he notices anything, he doesn't say so.

He's tired, so he drops everything and just climbs into one of the beds. I drop my things as well and then remove a bra and a pair of Active Support pantyhose by L'eggs in suntan that I like to sleep in from my computer bag. I want to save the nude pantyhose I wore during the drive for tomorrow because my ankles will definitely be exposed as I sit in my chair and watch the ball games with the other parents, so I'll wear the thicker active support pantyhose to bed and then change back into the nude pantyhose for tomorrow. Since my son has already closed his eyes, I don't even bother wearing my sandals into the bathroom to hide my feet, and with the door closed, I'm finally able to wear a bra for the first time today before changing my pantyhose.

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