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Transforming in My Car

It's been three whole months since I've been able to dress fully en femme and venture out into public, and so I welcomed the first Friday in May for a long overdue outing. What would make the day even more special is I was planning to meet up with my dear friend, Heidi Phox, for an afternoon of shopping. Up to this point, I have yet to meet another girl let alone another guy while I was crossdressed, and so I was way excited to finally meet Heidi and do some girl to girl shopping.

Before I would meet Heidi, however, I had some time to myself, and I so I decided to do a little shopping for summer outfits at a local thrift store. The caveat on this entire day, however, was my wife was at home, and so I was unable to transform into a girl there. While my wife has recently seen pictures of me fully en femme, she has not seen me dressed live in many years, and she would furthermore disapprove of my taking a day off of work to spend as a girl, and so I needed to find another place to transform into Lisa. After giving it much thought, I decided the best place to transition would be the front seat of my car in the parking garage at my office. :-)

In order to get down into the parking garage, you have to drive down a series of ramps, and so I decided that a stall on the edge of one of those ramps would suit me just fine since the natural light showing through the cracks in the sides of the ramps would be sufficient. I have never ever gone from guy to girl in my car, so the effort to transform would take careful planning. Fortunately, Heidi invited me to go shopping with her about three weeks in advance, and so I had ample time to prepare, but I needed nearly ever day in order to put things together.

Since my wife is a stay at home mom, I can never tell if she'll be around when I leave for work. After dropping the kids off at school, she likes to work out, but I never know when that's going to be a jog near home, a trip to the gym, or a workout to an exercise video in front of the TV in our living room. Since I wouldn't know her plan until the morning of, I had to assume that I would have to leave the house totally as a guy (including my underwear...oh my!) and then find a place to transform. If by chance my wife would go for her hour or so run, then I could quickly underdress and apply the foundation of my makeup at home before she returned. Regardless, I had to plan for the worst case scenario by stashing everything I'd need in the nooks and crannies of my car. I'm glad I did because on the morning of my outing, one of my kids stayed home from school, and so there would be no transformation at home.

A few days before my adventure, I decided that if I couldn't leave home underdressed or with any makeup on then I would stop by our church and underdress there. I have a key to our church building, and I was sure no one would be there on a Friday morning, and so I left home and headed for the church building. Once safely inside, I confirmed that no one was there, and then I quickly changed into my bra and panties and pulled on a pair of Spanx pantyhose. I wasn't at my ideal weight, and so I wanted to keep my tummy looking as trim as possible, and so I decided to wear Spanx beneath my capri jeans. I was quite sure that no one would see me exit the church, and so I went ahead and dressed in my outfit for the morning, which consisted of a simple white cotton top, blue denim capri jeans, and a fun pair of red shoes with white polka dots.

I exited the church without issue and then headed to my office building to do my makeup and hair. The reason I didn't transform fully at my church is because you never know who could come in while I was inside the girls bathroom getting ready. I enjoyed a fun drive into the office totally dressed like a girl even though I looked like a guy from the neck up, but I don't think anyone really noticed my clothing or the fact that I had C-cup boobs in place. I arrived at the parking garage to my building about 9:30 AM, pulled into a parking stall facing one of the ramps, and began applying my makeup. I realized that I needed a little bit more light than I had, but I don't require tons of makeup as it is, and so I was able to do my full makeup in about 20 minutes while sitting in the front seat of my car. Several cars passed as they made their way down into the garage, but the last thing on the drivers' minds was the chance that a cross dresser would be doing her makeup just to the right of them.

With my makeup ready, it was next time to do my hair, and that's when I realized I forgot my first item of the day...a hairbrush. I tried to make do with my fingers but was a little bit disappointed that I couldn't brush out my hair and give it a nice shine. I had no choice, though, and finished my total transformation just before 10 AM. As is customary for me, I wanted to take a picture of my full outfit, and so I exited the car and took pictures of my outfit with a pretty concrete background. ;-) It felt so good just to be out in the fresh air again dressed as a girl, so I didn't mind my surroundings too much. I also didn't flinch as other cars passed because once I'm fully transformed, I don't care who sees me.

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