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A Near Miss...or Two

I was hoping to get a chance to do some Valentines Day shopping this month since I had a good time purchasing something pink for myself last year, but I have to settle for any chance I get to have my girl time, especially during the winter months when chances are scarce. So I was at least grateful to have this morning to dress, and I wanted to take full advantage. A few weeks ago when I purchased a few tops for the summer and tried on a lot of cute skirts, I wore one of my new maxi skirts out for the excursion, and so my intention to day was to wear the other maxi skirt, a long black skirt with diagonal white stripes that meet in the center, but as I laid the skirt out on the bed and matched it with a few tops, it just looked a bit too formal to wear out to a place like Old Navy or Target. After mixing and matching various combinations, I decided that for today's excursion I would wear my other maxi skirt again, the white and navy skirt with diagonal stripes. I felt bad about not choosing black, but I think I will wait until I can wear it with some more casual tops.

Anyway, I was excited wear a maxi skirt out again this morning complete with pantyhose and a half slip underneath, and so I needed to determine something to wear on my upper half. I really liked the contrast created by my red button down cardigan sweater, and this particular sweater is one that I love to layer over a lace cami, and so I decided to go for a teacher look with the my red cardi, white lace cami, and long maxi skirt with black flats. This outfit was also a bit too dressy for a casual morning of shopping, but it looked super cute and matches the look that I strive for, and so the last few details were my hair and earrings. After straightening my hair to my liking, I decided today that instead of hoop earrings I would pop in these large dangly snow flake looking earrings that I purchased about a year ago. I love the feel of earrings swinging back and forth gently from my lobes, and these earrings certainly did that.

When I felt I was ready to go out in public en femme, I set my camera on my tripod and began posing for a few pictures. My normal routine is to take about twenty photos of my outfit in different poses before I leave the house, and then I of course try and take as many photos as possible once I'm out in public. The photo session started off perfectly but after my fourth picture my cell phone rang and it was my wife. She slipped on some ice driving on a canyon road and slid into a snow bank suffering a flat tire in the process. She was quite panicked, and I don't blame her, and she also needed me to come and help her. The place where my wife slid off the road is about 20 minutes from my office...the place where she thought I was; yet, I was out home posing in the front of the camera about 35 minutes away from her location. I went into serious panic mode as I told her that it would take me 15 - 20 minutes before I could leave the office, and I felt terrible knowing that I was playing dress up at home while she was stuck on the side of the road, but I had two choices: leave the house as-is and give her an even bigger surprise than her little accident, or change my clothes faster than Clark Kent and tell her I'd be a little bit late. She did have a friend with her, and so that was nice that she had some company, but I found myself in about as big of a bind as I'd every experienced.

Needless to say I undressed and showered in record time and put my things away all in about 10 minutes before racing out the door and literally speeding 30 minutes to my wife's location, and by the time I got there, a gentleman had towed her out of the snow bank and a highway patrol officer changed the tire, so my role at that point was to just comfort her. She was a little bit shaken up by the ordeal, but otherwise everything worked out. I must have also gotten all of my makeup removed properly because she didn't comment on it, and while that was all good, I missed out on a planned morning of girl time. At least I got to go through the motions of getting ready by shaving my legs, setting out different outfits, and actually getting ready to go, but I was unable to do any shopping or go out at all, and so the selfish side of me was very disappointed.

As a result, the best that I can do for this diary entry is to show off one of the four pictures I managed to take. Since I don't have the rest of the story to tell, I will change the subject a bit and talk about a few thoughts and experiences over the past few weeks when I wasn't dressed as a girl.

Victoria's Secret Birthday Card
One of the funnest pieces of mail I've received in awhile was a Birthday Card from Victoria's Secret. The card came about six weeks prior to my birthday and three months after my wife's birthday. When the card came in the mail, I was with my wife and we were driving home in the evening, and as we often do we stopped at the mailbox in front of the house and picked up our mail through from the car window. I happened to be driving, and so my wife took the mail out of the box. She immediately looked at the Victoria's Secret card first and send "what's this?" I replied, "I guess we're on their mailing list," and she seemed to accept that explanation as she went on to review the other pieces of email. She didn't stop to calculate that it was a birthday card, and that it just so happened to be six weeks before my birthday and well after hers had ended. I just stared straight ahead as I pulled into the driveway nervous about a follow-up question that never came.

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