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My Bare-legged Summer

crossdressing an Old Navy tank and white pantiesFor most of us, our opportunities to crossdress appear to be very cyclical, and in my case, the peak of my active dressing season starts with the summer and seems to culminate with Halloween. After Halloween, my days to dress fully en femme become less predictable, and I transition into a season of frequent underdressing patiently waiting for that next opportunity to go all the way and venture out into public crossdressed as a woman. And so, at the end of my active crossdressing season, I always like to look back on my summer and identify highlights and areas where I felt that I made improvements in my look and/or my dressing habits. In my case, I think that 2013 will become a milestone year for me because that is the year when I finally weaned myself off of wearing pantyhose every time I go out into society en femme.

Wearing pantyhose as a boy surely contributed to my attachment to them as an adult, and from the time I tried on my first pair until the summer of 2013 (a little over 30 years!), I have never gone outside dressed as a girl when nylons weren't part of my wardrobe. Besides this obvious attachment, pantyhose are also helpful in creating a smooth front. People often ask me if I have any special techniques for tucking, and the answer is that I don't. I put my panties on like any other girl, and then add a pair of pantyhose just like any other girl and call it good. A final reason for always wearing pantyhose is that they just feel so good on my legs, especially when I'm outside and there is a slight breeze. For these reasons, my brain surely created the association of being a girl with wearing pantyhose, and so to finally break away from that mold was a big step for me.

There are three main reasons why I decided to finally go out sans pantyhose this summer, and they included 1) I wanted to wear strappy sandals that went in between my toes, 2) I wanted to finally paint my toenails and show them off bare-legged, and 3) girls just don't wear pantyhose in the summer, and even though I always wore a sheer, xnude shade that was virtually undetectable, I still wanted to be as close to a genetic girl as possible. On that first night in the summer when I finally had a chance to dress and go outside, I wore a green floral top, khaki shorts, green strappy sandals...and no pantyhose. I quickly noticed as I went shopping at Fred Meyer that I still felt just like a girl even without my nylons, and I spent about 90 minutes shopping for this and that without a care in the world. I found a picture from my cell phone that I took on that night that I will post here, and I have to smile a bit at myself because if you look at the background of the pic at left, I'm posing in the section of Fred Meyer where they sell pantyhose and tights. :-)

Just for fun, I browsed through all of my pics from the first of summer and noticed that after that excursion to Fred Meyer on that first night, I next went to Walgreen's to purchase nail polish, Ross to purchase a new bra, Old Navy and Kohl's to purchase new clothes, Target for a new pair of flats and a cami, the thrift store for a new pair of short-shorts, and a little league ballgame and Chick-Filet...all without wearing pantyhose. It was fun to watch that progression in my photo album, and so I'm posting a collage of pics here that show me out in public dressed as a girl and not wearing pantyhose:

poses crossdressed in fitting rooms

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2/2 Black Bra Day

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