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New Makeup at Target

One of the fun things about identifying with the female gender is experiencing the mindset of a woman even if I can't always dress in women's clothing and present myself en femme. For example, if a guy wore a new shirt into the office, 1) I doubt I would even notice, and 2) I would not think to myself, 'wow, he really rocks that shirt,' nor would I even be jealous of him. Rather, I'd probably think why did you waste $40 on that shirt when you could have gone down to Kohl's and bought three nice bras on their buy two get one free sale? I fuss over the tiniest details when it comes to my female appearance, and I'm always jealous of other girls when they look pretty. I don't want to feel that way when I see another girl with cute hair or cute clothes or new shoes, but it's just the way girls are, and so this type of mindset tells me that I'm not just another man wearing a dress. (As if!!)

Since I am wont to approach things from the female point of view, I'm never satisfied with my look en femme and am always nitpicking this or that despite the fact that I can present quite well in public as a passable male to female crossdresser. Well, lately I've been dissatisfied with my foundation and powder because I feel it has a bit too much of an orange tone to it. I bought my current facial makeup exactly a year ago, and at the time I made the switch to the L'Oreal brand. I really like the L'Oreal brand, and it was a great improvement for me, but like any other woman, I am never satisfied and always feel as if I can change something here or tweak something there to make myself prettier.

About a month ago as I was doing my makeup, I noticed a metallic spot in the middle of my powder compact signaling that my makeup was running out. I also noticed this same wear in my palette of eye shadow, and I blogged at the time that it was fun to actually have enough days to crossdress throughout the year to where my makeup is actually running low, not becoming old and smelly. Well, I decided that tonight I would go to Target and replenish my foundation and powder, only this time I would get a little bit cooler shade because I'm getting tired of too much orange on my face. I wasn't able to get away and escape into my girl time until after work, and so by the time I was able to shower and shave all the necessary places, the sun was already getting low in the Western sky.

I quickly put on my makeup and did my hair because I wanted to get out the door with at least a little bit of sunlight left. I can tell that I am a daytime crossdresser all the way and would much rather prefer to go out in the morning or afternoon as opposed to the night time. I'm sure that getting out and enjoying the nightlife with other girls is fun too, but for some reason, I just prefer to go out as early as possible and take advantage of the daylight. Maybe it's because girls like to shop so much even if they don't really need anything, and so this girl prefers to be en femme during shopping hours?

Anyway, due to my haste, I didn't take any pictures of my outfit beforehand, which is becoming a bit of a disturbing trend for me, but I also think I'm so eager to get out into pubic and take pictures there that I'm focusing less and less on taking pictures at home. As for my outfit, I decided to pose as a girl running an evening errand, and so I went extremely casual tonight choosing my Ann Taylor green floral top and pairing that with a simple pair of faded capri jeans from Old Navy. I'm trying to wean myself off of wearing pantyhose beneath my jeans, and so I decided to go without this evening and just slip into some strappy sandals that matched my top. I popped in my favorite hoop earrings, grabbed my purse and camera, and then headed for the door.

I could tell as I drove to the nearest Target that it was going to be a pretty sunset tonight because there were just enough thin clouds in the sky that were already starting to produce some gorgeous yellow colors from the sun's rays. I also managed to take a series of photos from my dashboard, and I like to take pictures from my dash before it gets too dark because they just don't seem to turn out very well with at least some natural light. This particular Target is about 10 minutes from my home, and it's always busy, so there really isn't a strategic time for me to go. I just have to hold my head high, stick my chest out, and march into the store as if I'm just another one of the girls.

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