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Purchasing Panty Liners En Femme Sans Makeup

I think one of the aspects that makes my story appealing as a cross dresser is my determination to fit in with the other women I see around me in everyday life. I've obviously never worked in an office crossdressed as a girl, but if I ever had that opportunity, I would dress like the girls in my work environment. For example, being in the IT industry, I see a lot of plain looking girls in the computer labs and in the phone support area, but if I visit HR, marketing, or legal, the women are dressed much more professionally wearing heels, skirts, slacks, and other dressy clothing. In the same way that a girl writing computer code would look out of place wearing a short skirt, nylons, and 4" heels at her desk, I do my best not to stand out when I cross dress in public as a woman since I think the key ingredient to being successful is to blend in with the other girls, not set yourself apart from them. And, if you can make yourself look pretty while blending in, well that's just more pink icing on the cake!

That line of thought leads me then to the topic of role playing for cross dressers, and no, I'm not referring to the type of role playing people would do in the bedroom that could involve a man crossdressing as a woman; rather, I'm referring to playing the proper role of a woman in public in terms of what she wears. For example, I love to wear a short skirt, pantyhose, and heels out in public just as much as the next girl, but if I wear such attire to the supermarket at 10:30 AM, I will undoubtedly stand out for the wrong reasons, and so when I do wear a skirt and heels to the grocery store, I do so at a time when it would be appropriate for a working woman to quickly run into the store to pick up a few items on her way to or from work.

And that brings me to my next topic, which is a short discussion on maxi pads vs. panty liners. In various places throughout my diary, I talk about going out en femme to purchase feminine hygiene products, particularly maxi pads. I think it was just over a year ago that I started using maxi pads, and since that time, I'm sometimes asked why I wear them. It's a fair question because after all I am a guy physically and don't have the monthly cycle that genetic women experience, but the reason I wear pads with my panties is simply to protect them and their delicate nature from any discharge. And when I say discharge, I'm not talking about anything gross that is related to bedroom talk; I'm merely referencing a drop or two of whatever liquid whether it be urine, sweat, or anything else that can be discharged in drops and cause discomfort when wearing nylon panties.

Over the last few years I've really taken a liking to cotton panties, especially Jockey-brand cotton panties, but my first love were nylon panties, and if I had to choose either or, I'd pick my nylon panties. I believe I've mentioned this before, but I read once in an online forum where a crossdresser posed the question to genetic girls saying, "I can't believe why anyone would ever choose cotton panties over nylon panties," and a genetic girl quickly replied using very direct language that won't I quote here, but basically she said, "if you had a real [girl part that starts with a "V"], you'd know why." While I don't have those true parts, the same principle still applies: nylon panties can get uncomfortable if they aren't completely dry. And so I wear maxi pads to absorb moisture and to protect my panties in general.

And that brings me to my final topic: panty liners. About a year ago my wife came home from a lunch date with several of her girl friends, and she mentioned that one of her friends wears panty liners on a daily basis to primarily keep her underwear clean, and if you've ever folded clean laundry that included women's panties, then you'll know what this is referencing. As a result, my wife started wearing panty liners every day, and she is converted. I naturally became interested in panty liners vs. pads, and so at times last winter, I would borrow a panty liner from my wife when I wore panties. The benefit to a panty liner is that it's so thin, you hardly notice it's there, but it still provides the necessary protection. There are times, however, for me when a pad is better like if I'm going to work out or mow the lawn while wearing panties. A pad is of course thicker and so it can also help to provide a smooth front for girls like us. Without going into any more detail, I've been meaning to purchase my own panty liners before my wife starts to notice that her pack is getting depleted, and so I thought this morning that I would make a quick early morning run to the supermarket to pick up a package of my own panty liners.

Getting back to the earlier part of this blog about role playing, I decided that if a woman was going to buy a single item early in the morning, she would be dressed very casually, her hair wouldn't be done, and she wouldn't be wearing any makeup. And so I thought it would be fun to try something new and actually go to the super market en femme without wearing any makeup. I knew it would be a bit risky because I would look like my guy self only wearing a wig, but I reasoned that a girl running to the market for panty liners in the morning wouldn't take the time to put on her make-up, and so I decided to give it a try. I will also note that instead of posting large pictures of this outing, I'm going to shrink the pictures down smaller and black out my eyes for the sake of protecting my identity because anyone who knows my guy side would immediately recognize me in these pictures without makeup.

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