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Quick Trip to the Post Office

Today I had a very small window to be a girl since I have some of the kids at home with me, and so I decided to dress up like a typical busy mom and visit the post office. I needed to mail a package to Danielle that contained the flats I bought for her at Target a few days ago, and whenever possible, I love to carry out all of my errands crossdressed as a woman. I needed to leave work just a bit early to create the opportunity, and I wasn't worried about making it to the post office before it closed since they have the self serve unit in the lobby, but I had to get myself ready, drive to the post office, and then quickly back home to clean things up before my kids were dropped off by their aunt where they spent the day.

Visiting the post office around 6 PM meant that I had two choices in the role I would play as a woman. I could either dress up nicely and wear an outfit that required heels as if I was a woman on her way home from work, or I could dress up casually like the typical soccer mom carrying out yet another errand during her busy day. I decided that I would dress like the casual soccer mom because it was so hot outside that very few working women would have been dressed in a skirt and pantyhose (not that working women wear pantyhose anymore anyway), and I also wanted to wear my new denim capris from Old Navy that I purchased a few weeks ago.

As a result, I selected the green floral top from Ann Taylor that has become one of my favorites this summer. Not only is the cut perfect for a short-sleeve top, but the wide neck and short sleeves keeps me extra cool. I purchased this top during the winter at an Ann Taylor outlet, and I'm going to keep my eye open for more bargains this upcoming winter at places like Ann Taylor and Banana Republic, higher-end stores where it's hard for me to justify purchasing anything unless it's like 80% off or more. I paired this top with the aforementioned denim capris I purchased at the same time I bought the Daisy Duke short-shorts, and normally when I wear capris, I will sneak a pair of nylons on underneath, but I've gotten quite used to going out in summer with bare legs, and so I decided to go without pantyhose tonight and just show off my painted red toenails through my strappy neon green sandals.

Usually before I leave the house, I like to set up my tripod and take a small photo shoot in my outfit for the day, but I didn't even have time for that and so I grabbed my purse and the pink polka dot envelope that contained Danielle's shoes and headed for the garage. I did remember to place my camera on the dashboard and take pictures as I went, so I at least got the usual close-ups as I drove. The closest post office to my house is less than 10 minutes, and even though the workers would have closed-up shop for the day, I knew that around 6:30 PM there is still a lot of traffic coming in and out of the post office as people are picking up mail from the PO boxes.

As I drove down the hill from our house towards the post office, I recalled that this was one of the first places that I ever dared to crossdress in public. Early in our marriage and before I dressed as a girl for Halloween in 2002 that served as my partial coming out party, I barely had to a stash to speak of, but I found myself alone for a couple of days and so I spent every waking minute possible dressing up like a girl. At the time, I had to find any sort of clothing that would work mostly borrowing things from my wife starting with her maternity clothing. I happened to put together an outfit comprised of a crème colored maternity sweater paired with a long cotton skirt that was actually homemade by my wife. The skirt had a thick elastic band, and so even though my wife's waist is tiny, I was able to stretch the skirt around my own waistline to pair the skirt with the sweater. I found a pair of white tights in my wife's drawer and wore them beneath the skirt and then completed my outfit with a pair of white pumps, the very first pair of shoes I acquired after we were married.

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