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Lunch Among Girls While Bra Watching

I met my wife for lunch the other day, and we went to a popular restaurant here in the U.S. called Zupas.  Zupas specializes in soups and salads, they offer a few trendy desserts like crème brulée, and then they give you a chocolate-dipped strawberry with each meal. In other words, it's the perfect place for girls to meet and do lunch.

Zupas is one of my favorite restaurants, not because of the food--which is actually quite good, but I love it for the atmosphere as it fits right in with my feminine side. My favorite thing to do at Zupas is to people watch, and I especially like to observe what all the other girls are wearing because they add that extra accessory or do their hair extra cute because they're meeting up with other girl friends (you know how much we girls like to scrutinize each other).

I was the only person cross dressing at Zupas today since I was dressed in male clothing, but I wasn't disappointed by all of the other girls. It didn't take me long to notice the outfit of each girl in the restaurant. I noticed the girls who layered tops over camis; I noticed the girls who had gotten manicures or pedicures recently; I noticed everyone's accessories like earrings and shoes; and then I noticed the finer details like whose bra fit properly and whose didn't (I'm proud to say that MY bra fit properly!). It was a fun, fun lunch date, but I still ached inside because I wasn't dressed like everyone else.

My favorite thing to observe on other women are their backs because I love to look at impressions that bras make through a woman's shirt or blouse, and as I mention elsewhere in my diary, I am very particular myself on how my bra is presented through my top. So, in order to celebrate a fun day of observing other women, I just felt like posting some of my favorite pictures where you can see my bra show through my top, most of them from behind.


2/2 Black Bra Day

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