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Fresh Market as a Girl

Visiting the the Vanity Fair outlet a few days ago was one of the highlights of my summer. I was able to dress up a bit in an outfit that subtly included nylons, and I was not only able to experience a new store, but I found some super cute items to boot. I wish each of my cross dressing experiences could be as fun as that visit to Vanity Fair, and I always worry that I keep blogging about visiting the same places and doing the same things, but ultimately my goal is to be accepted in public as a girl...not as a crossdresser. And so I think the reason I'm always running these seemingly mundane errands is because I get so much enjoyment out of doing those things however small that a regular woman would do.

I guess I'm starting this blog entry off in this way to justify why I'm wearing such a plain outfit. :-) I didn't have much time to spend as a girl today, but I did need to make a trip to the grocery store for a few items, and so I thought I would use my time earlier in the morning before work since I prefer to go out in the daylight rather than in the evening. I needed to purchase some milk, and I always like to see what's on sale in the makeup aisle, and so I thought I would run an errand this morning as a woman in a hurry to pick up a few things before she starts her day.

As for my outfit, I chose to wear just a simple tee shirt in an aqua color that I purchased at Target several years ago. Someday I hope to be able to wear this tee out as a guy, but I like the look of it much more when I am wearing a bra underneath. ;-)  Along with this aqua tee, I decided to wear my floral shorts purchased from Old Navy a few months ago. Since many of my tops have floral patterns, stripes, or other designs, I've found that it's harder to wear these floral shorts out than I thought. With my favorite denim skirt, I can wear a plain color top or something with patterns, but with these floral shorts, I have to stick with a solid top. Since no woman in her right mind would wear pantyhose beneath shorts with a 3" inseam on a midsummer morning (besides me), I decided that I would go bare legged, but that's not all that bad this year since I have my toe nails painted a dark red, and so I slipped into my Old Navy strappy sandals in neon green hoping that they sort of matched my top, and out the door I went.

I was wearing full make-up this morning, which is something that you probably wouldn't see on a woman dressed like this at 8:30 AM, and so I'm planning a future early morning trip where I'm not going to wear any makeup at all! I know that's kind of daring, but I want so badly to be just like a girl, and so I want to try and pull of a quick trip so the market wearing no makeup at all. Anyway, I visited the closest grocery store to my home and snapped a few pictures as I went. I really like this hair style that I'm sporting today because I can make it really poofy and it can blow around all it wants in the wind and never stick to my lipstick.

As I arrived at the supermarket, one of the best spots right near the front was open, and so I quickly set my camera up on the trunk of my car and snapped a few pictures holding my purse before I actually entered the store. The parking lot itself was not crowded at all as I expected, and since I wasn't wearing anything overdone or too flashy, I was confident that no one would give me a second look. My first order of business was to procure a small push cart and head towards the milk aisle. After selecting a gallon, I next stopped by the produce section for some green vegetables and Fuji apples, my favorite. These were the main grocery items that I needed, and so I walked my cart across the store over to where the makeup aisle was. The aisle just before makeup is school supplies, and so I remembered that I needed to get a bubble envelope in order to send Danielle those shoe I purchased for her at Target.

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