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The Perfect Dress...Almost

One of my favorite things about summer fashion the last few years has been the inception of the camisole, and I've done my fair share of exploring with this garment layering it underneath an outer top or wearing just a camisole out into public on those super hot days. I've also explored wearing certain bras with certain camisoles to see if the straps line up to my liking, and at the end of June, I bought a new Maidenform bra at Ross with very narrow straps for the express purpose of wearing it beneath a camisole. It's no doubt that the bra has become an accessory in women's summer fashion the last half decade, and the spaghetti straps associated with camisoles and summer dresses these days have played a significant role in the fashion trend.

Today, however, I came across a summer dress with wider straps and a bodice that covered more of my torso than a camisole that I simply fell in love with. There wasn't anything about this dress not to love. It featured a bright red fabric with tiny white polka dots, bold white straps and wide trim around the top of the bodice, a high waistline with darling pleats providing the perfect loose fit for summer while still maintaining an a-line, and then pretty white flowers near the hem of the dress keeping in line with the garment's overall design. As I gazed at the dress on the rack of a thrift store about 20 miles away from my home, I could hardly believe my eyes, but there was that one nagging feature that I needed to confirm: the size.

The tag said that the dress was a size 10, which is cutting it super close, but I figured that the openness at the top of the dress would give me a little bit of wiggle room, and so I took it from the rack and nervously headed towards the fitting rooms. Normally when I shop at thrift stores, I stay close to home just because I'd rather spend more time shopping and less time driving, and I remembered why I rarely come to this thrift store as soon as I entered the fitting room. I guess calling it a "room" is being too generous because each individual stall provides about as much room as a broom closet. I suppose it's enough room to try on and outfit, but there wasn't enough room to take a full body shot with my cell phone in the mirror, and for someone crossdressing in public, that's actually a big downer.

Regardless, I stepped into this makeshift broom closet and removed my top and skirt and pulled the dress on over my head. The dress zipped up at the side just below the left armpit, but as soon as I had it situated, I knew that I wouldn't be able to zip it up all the way. I can't remember when I've ever been so disappointed about missing on the perfect garment, but this dress was simply too narrow for me. I still took several pictures in it for posterity, but sadly, the only way I'll get to enjoy this dress is by looking at this pic and reminiscing. Hopefully someday I come across something similar, but in the meantime, I am certainly keeping my eyes open for more dresses like it. There is something so elegant about the wider straps, and I believe this style of summer dress suits a woman of my age better than the trendy dresses with spaghetti straps or no straps at all.

It was all I could do to blow my bangs in disappointment, but the night wasn't all lost since I came to this thrift store looking to purchase shorts or capris in white not to mention the endless racks of clothing from which to browse. Since I had to work today, I wasn't able to get out of the house until about 7:30 PM, and by the time I arrived at the thrift store, it was nearly 8 o'clock. As a result, there weren't very many people in the store, but there was one couple that seemed to always be on the border of my comfort zone. I first noticed the husband because he was fingering the bras, panties, and lingerie on the racks just a little bit too closely for a guy, and so I watched him out of the corner of my eye as I looked at dresses. I couldn't see his wife at first, and so I was initially impressed by the guy's courage to be so brazenly going through the unmentionables, but once she did come over and start talking to him, his openness in the lingerie section made more sense.

After looking through the rest of the dresses in my size, it was time to leave my new friends and head across the store where they displayed the jeans, capris, and shorts. One of my desires this summer is to find a pair of white, denim knee-length capris or shorts that I can wear with some of my nicer blouses and tops. There's something elegant about white denim on a girl, and I think it provides for a classier look even though the fabric is denim. My wife has several pair of white jeans, capris, and shorts, and every time she wears them I think her look is quite stunning. As a result, I'm hoping to achieve this same look for myself. I think the white denim bottoms particularly look good with navy or blue tops, and I've happened to purchase several such tops earlier this summer, so that was my quest tonight by coming to this thrift store when I was accidentally sidetracked by just about the cutest dress I've ever seen...that almost fit! Grr.

As I leafed through the racks of denim, it was super easy to find everything in a white color, and I quickly located two garments in my size or close to my size that I thought might work. The first was a pair of long shorts from Ralph Lauren that were actually cotton shorts and not denim. I already knew I liked the brand name on the shorts, but they weren't exactly what I was looking for. Still, I scooped them up in order to take to the fitting room. The second garment I found was a perfect pair of white denim capris from the Gap, but the only caveat was that they were in a size 10. I know that my jeans size from the Gap is size 8, so I was hoping that these denim capris had shrunk in the wash or that they were a cut that fit just a bit tight. I couldn't locate any other candidates in white, and so I took these two garments into the fitting room to give them a try.

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