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Going to Church as a Girl

My wife and I are very religious people, and we decided before we were married that we would base our marriage and the raising of our children on religious principles. I know that this type of decision is not right for everyone, but in our case, we felt this was the best course of action to take...and notice how I didn't even say what religion because that doesn't matter. I think as long people set some sort of standard for themselves that will benefit themselves and society, they can become better people as long as they adhere to those standards.

Anyway, shortly after we were married and purchased our first home, we decided to find a local congregation that we could join and become an active part of. We were successful in our quest and have enjoyed the benefits of belonging to this congregation for as long as we have lived in our current home. We try to attend church each Sunday, and we also encourage our children to get involved in the youth groups that are sponsored by our church. Everything has gone well for us, and we are completely satisfied with our decision and our current situation in life.

Now when my wife and children are away on weekends, which is my current situation, I usually don't attend church in favor of spending the entire Sunday as a girl. Sundays really are fun days to be a girl because it seems that the stores are less crowded, it's a good opportunity to play a church-goer when I feel like dressing up, and I don't have to worry about work or anything else getting in the way of my girl time. I treasure the Sundays that I have to myself because it seems as though I can get the most done on these days. So you can imagine how elated I was when I found out that I would have this day to myself.

But just as soon as I began getting excited for this day, my wife threw a small wrench into the situation because she asked me to attend our church today and record the sermon for her on our iPad. My wife normally doesn't ask me to record the sermon when she is gone on Sunday's and I am around, but the topic of today's sermon was something that she is really interested in, and so she made this rare request. It wasn't like I could tell her, "honey, I'm sorry, but I'm going to be dressed like a girl all day this Sunday, so I'm not going to attend church," and so I agreed to her request and told her that I would record the sermon for her.

As I lay in bed last night, I really was conflicted because my girl time is so precious to me that I don't want anything to interrupt it. Yet, I knew that it would be impossible for me to just show up to our congregation dressed as a woman. Someone surely would have come up to welcome me, I would have been engaged in multiple conversations, and there was just too much risk for me to even rationally consider openly attending my congregation while crossdressed. The other side of me, though, couldn't bear not to attend church as a woman. I don't know how many times my wife and I have been getting ready for church on Sunday when we're both in our walk-in closet getting dressed, and I just ache inside because I can't slip into a pair of nylons and a skirt or pull on a new dress, and it's at these times where the gender conflict is strongest inside of me. Still, the female ingenuity inside of me conjured up a plan that I decided to carry out today.

First, there are three different services on Sunday at the church where we attend. The first service starts at 9 AM, the next is 11 AM, and the final service is held at 7 PM for the convenience of the members. We have actually attended all three times in the past, and so I am quite familiar with who attends at what times. The 9 AM service is the most sparsely attended for obvious reasons, and it's very rare to have a family attend at this time with small children. We actually try and attend this service the most because it frees up the rest of our day, and I determined that I if I was going to attend church today, the least amount of risk would be the 9 AM service.

Also, we have several auxiliary classrooms at our church adjacent to the chapel, and in some of these rooms the sound from the main chapel can be piped into the classrooms so a mother can sit with an unruly child or even breastfeed a newborn if necessary. I thought to myself that if I arrived at the service just a few minutes late and located an empty classroom, I would be able to sit through the service and record it with my iPad all while enjoying the Sunday morning sermon dressed as a woman. There was of course risk to this plan as well, but I decided that I would give it a try since I just couldn't bear walking into my walk-in closet on this morning and donning a shirt and tie in favor of a skirt, nylon, and heels.

In regards to my outfit, I decided not to wear a dress because of the dresses I do own, they either go down way past my knees or they aren't appropriate for church. Today was such a hot summer day that I wanted to wear something that ended at the knee, so I felt my black knee-length skirt would be the most appropriate. I also have the perfect heels to wear with this skirt that are black felt pumps with about an inch heel to them, and these are the same heels I wore to Wicked when I attended that musical last year.

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