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Taking a Mini Vacation as a Girl

With the fourth of July this year falling on a Thursday, it gives me a four day weekend to spend as I please, which of course means I'm going to be a girl 24/7. I'm still a little bit shocked about how pink my chest became after getting sunburned at the baseball game yesterday, so I thought for the next few days that I'd escape the heat and take a small road trip as a girl to our mountain condominium. I've visited our condominium before as a girl; however, I've never stayed over night as a female. Furthermore, I've never enjoyed a get-away completely as a girl meaning I'm only packing girl things, which will force me to do all activities as a girl. Just the thought of packing for such a trip really got me excited, and so I started by planning out my outfits.

Our mountain condo is nearby a small town, but it has a Wal-Mart, a Rue 21, and plenty of fast food restaurants. There is also a large outlet mall about twenty miles away, so I plan to do lots of shopping. Before I put together various shopping outfits, however, I needed to decided on an outfit to wear on the trip to the mountains. For some reason, I felt as if I needed to dress up for the drive because elegant ladies always travel in nice clothing. I also felt that it would be appropriate to wear stockings for the drive, first to give me support during my travels, and second, they just make the outfit look that much nicer. I decided that I would wear my green floral top from Ann Taylor Loft and then pair that with my chocolate cotton tie skirt, which is extremely comfortable but still looks pretty and dressy. For my shoes, I decided to wear my black ballet flats because I didn't want to drive a long distance in heels. I also don't want to shop in heels, especially when I'll mostly be looking for casual clothing, and so I chose my black ballet flats with a pair of nylons with a hint of suntan in the shade.

I began my preparation by stacking the things I wanted to take at the foot of my bed. I started with bras and panties packing four pairs of panties with no rhyme or reason, and then I packed two bras, my Victoria's Secret push-up bra and then a soft-cup bra just in case. I also decided to wear matching bra and panties for day 1 of the trip, so I selected my Lily of France bra in teal with matching silky panties from Vanity Fair. After choosing my bra and panties, I next packed three pads and three panty liners that I borrowed from my wife. Depending on my outfit and the duration that I'll wear the outfit, a pad is more appropriate, but it's also handy to have panty liners around when I want to go really light. After my unmentionables were in order, I next packed four tops and three skirts along with a sheer blouse and a sleeveless dress from the Gap that I haven't worn forever. I had to laugh at how much I was over packing, and since this is the first time that I've ever packed for a two day trip, I was totally able to relate to how women always over pack. You just never know when you'll need to change the outfits!

I placed all of my things into a large Laura Ashley travel bad and then proceeded to do my makeup. I was so excited as I dressed into my travel outfit, and I couldn't help but skip a bit as I took care of last minutes items like packing my laptop, my camera, a tripod, etc. When it was time to go, I packed everything into the back of my SUV, and then took a picture just for good measure. The first stop on my little trip was to gas up and so I stopped by at Costco before getting on the freeway. I had hoped to take more hot pics at the pump, but it was so darn windy outside that my hair was flying everywhere. I did manage a few pics, but I'll refrain from posting any here none of them turned out too well. After gassing up, it was time to hit the road girl style. I made sure to drive carefully, and I couldn't help but to glance downwards noticing my skirt and nylons. It just felt so good to be driving as a girl.

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