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Getting Used To Being A Girl Again

I'm always extra nervous the first time I cross dress in public after a long layoff, and today was no different. Since it was a weekday, I had to spend the day at work, so I knew I wouldn't be able to even start to get ready until about 6:30 PM. Once I was ready to devote myself to a girl full time, I hopped in the shower to wash away all of the guy memories from the day's work and then shaved any place that needed to be smoothed out. Since it was my second shower of the day, it only took about five minutes, so before I knew it, I was ready to do my makeup and hair.

I wanted to wear my teal Vanity Fair panties with the high waist out tonight, so I washed them by hand this morning during my first shower and hung them out to dry in the bathroom. I slipped back into them complete with a pad and then reached for my Lily of France bra completing all of the under clothing that I would wear out tonight. Once my lingerie was set, I next went to work on my makeup and pleased that it went on just a bit smoother after having practiced yesterday. As for my hair, I tried several combinations last night and realized that the style with bangs and lots of curls was also lots of hot, and since we're in the dead heat of summer, I decided to wear my straight, blonde hair with the long bangs. I also used a pair of sunglasses as an accessory in my hair tonight to partly keep it off of my face and also to portray a summer time girl who loves her sunglasses.

I already knew what my outfit would be since I was determined to go out in public for the first time ever sans pantyhose, but strangely, I had no idea what I was going to do tonight. I think it was a sign of my nerves and that feeling of trepidation of going out into the real world dressed as the opposite gender when you haven't done it in awhile, so on a spur of the moment, I decided that I would start out by visiting a park and have a little picnic there. I quickly dressed into my pre-determined outfit before heading into the kitchen and grabbing some leftovers from the refrigerator, which I heated up in a small Tupperware container with a lid. I grabbed a water bottle, my purse, and of course my camera and headed out the door a little after 8 PM to eat my dinner.

It felt good to be outside completely dressed as a girl again, and I snapped away with my camera rested on the dash board of my car. When I arrived at the park where I would have my little picnic, I could hear the booming sound of music coming from amplifiers, and I realized that they were having a concert in the park at the little amphitheater built into the hillside. This particular park is large enough that I easily found a place to park and a fairly isolated place where I could enjoy my dinner. I remembered to sit with perfect posture and eat like a girl, and I smiled at how fast everything was coming back to me.

After dinner, I grabbed my camera and looked for places where I could set it down and take a few pictures of me in my outfit. Since the sun had gone down and it was getting dark quickly, I needed to find a place where I could stand facing the light in the West sky for my pictures. I tried various poses and places and was happy with the way my pictures turned out. I posted my favorite pic from the photo session at the top of this blog entry and was pleased that my sandals matched my outfit and all the green grass surrounding me. :-)

Now that my tummy was full and I had enjoyed some time walking on the cool grass of the park, it was time to go someplace else. I still had no idea what to do, and so I decided that I would go to a nearby Smith's Marketplace that has a Fred Meyer store adjacent to it. I really like the department side of the store and am very familiar with it, and so I decided to visit there and just browse through all of the departments and especially the clearance racks. By the time I parked my car, the night sky was dark, but I still put my camera on top of my car and snapped a few pics of myself in the parking lot.

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