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Let the Girl Time Begin!

The first wave of my summer girl time is finally here, and since I haven't been able to fully dress and go outside since March, the girl in me was just bursting at the seems. The result in previous summers was that I was like the Tasmanian Devil in those cartoons spinning and whirl winding around my room trying on as many outfits as possible, trying on five different bras with each top, trying on three pairs of shoes with each skirt, changing my shades of pantyhose with each outfit, and on and on. The end result was that my bedroom looked like a natural disaster less than thirty minutes after my girl time began. Since trying on clothes is much more fun than cleaning them up, my bedroom never would recover, and so I'd be living in this huge girl mess for a few weeks always telling myself that I would eventually get around to straightening things up.

Well, this year I determined that I would be a better girl and organize all of my things neatly and keep it that way for the next few weeks, and so I spent several hours tonight not necessarily transforming me; rather, I focused on transforming the guest room in our house into my girl room for the next little while. I first began by gathering up all of my bras and panties and placing them in the top drawer of my chest of drawer. I have about 15 bras now, and about half of them are soft cup, and the other half have the padded cups. Since I don't like to fold up my padded cup bras, I stacked them together in a pretty row on the far side of the drawer so I could access each one of them if necessary. I next took all of my soft cup bras and stacked them neatly next to the padded bras.

Once I was done with my bras, it was next time to stock the drawer with my panty collection. I'm not really particular about nylon vs. cotton or high-waisted panties vs. lower cut, and so with no rhyme or reason, I packed my panties into the opposite corner of the drawer from the bras. Since panties take up little room, I next gathered up all of my camisoles and put them in the back corner of the drawer just behind the panties. There was still some room left behind the soft-cup bras, so I completed my top drawer by taking my slips, my nighties, and my leotard and stacking them in the middle of the drawer behind the bras. When I was finished, I stepped back enjoying the view of the entire drawer when opened, and so I took a picture of my top drawer that shows all of the colors and fabrics of my lingerie and undergarments.

After taking care of my unmentionables, it was time next to fill up the second drawer with my tops and some of my skirts. Depending on the type of top--and skirt for that manner--I can keep them folded up in a drawer instead of hanging them up, and so I gathered the garments that were safe to fold up putting the tops on the left side and the skirts on the right side. I was happy to see that everything that could be folded fit into the one drawer because I didn't want to have to clean out an extra drawer just to make room for my girl things. As a finishing touch, I placed a box of tissue on top of the chest of drawers along with my package of Always pads because after taking my shower each morning, I will change into my girl clothes in this location.

After filling up the two empty drawers in the guest room, it was next time to hang up my remaining items in the closet. I gathered up as many empty hangers from around the house that I could find and then hung up my tops, blouses, and some skirts in the small closet available in our guest bedroom. I noticed that I had a few empty hangers left, and so I smiled to myself thinking, "I will surely fill those empty hangers up quickly after doing a little bit of shopping." :-)

After all of my clean clothes were taken care of, it was next time to take my dirty laundry to the washing machine along with clothes that had become a little bit wrinkled in storage. I have a large Tupperware container of clothes that we keep in the utility room of our house up on a storage shelf, and it seems that every few months I have to pack it tighter and tighter, and so some of the things come out of it a bit wrinkled. There are also those times when I have a small window open to dress, and so I quickly pull on a bra and panties along with this or that, but I have to get back into guy mode so quickly that I don't have time to properly wash the items that I wore. Underdressing to donate blood a few months ago was such an example, and so I had a small pile of bras, panties, and wrinkled tops that need to go through the wash.

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