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Manna From Heaven?

transgender girl in a skirt and pantyhoseI would describe myself as a very religious, Bible-loving girl, and one day I intend to open up in a blog entry regarding religion and my cross dressing, but for this blog entry I will keep things light and just mention one story from the Old Testament where the Lord provides manna to the Israelites as they are wandering in the wilderness on their way to the promised land. As they traveled, the Israelites had no way of cultivating food, and so each morning, the Lord would provide manna on the ground that the people could gather and then use to make food for that day. Well, over the years, I have had a few similar experiences where I have just happened upon an article of women's clothing just lying on the ground ready to be harvested by a hungry crossdresser.

Now I'm not referring to an experience where a wife empties out her closet and lingerie drawer and asks you to take a few bags of her old things to goodwill and some of the article just happen to end up in your collection. ;-) Nor am I talking about the times when we've snooped through our mother's drawer or sister's drawer looking for something to borrow. I'm referring to those times in your life when you're going about your every day business and from out of nowhere, an article of female clothing just seems to land in your lap.

The first such incident for me happened when I was in college. One night as I walked out to my car which was parked along the curb, I found a pair of pantyhose just lying there near the curb. Now, this was in the early 90's when girls still wore hosiery beneath a skirt or dress, so pantyhose back then weren't uncommon on women's legs, but it was the first and last time I have happened upon a pair in the street. I looked up and down the street to see if anyone was nearby, and then I looked back down to see if my eyes were deceiving me or not. To my utmost joy, they weren't. The pantyhose were unpackaged and had obviously been worn before, but they looked fresh and clean without any noticeable blemishes. I quickly bent down and scooped them up and threw them onto the driver's seat as I pulled away from my apartment. Once I was in the clear, I pulled over to the side of the road and gave the pantyhose a closer inspection. The color was a normal suntan, the texture had a matte feel to it, and the label said Just My Size. My guess is that a girl who lived in the same apartment complex was unloading her laundry basket from her car, and the pantyhose just happened to fall pink lacey panties hanging from a doorknoboff of the top of the load and down to the street unbeknownst to her.

Another such experience occurred just out of college when I was working my first job in a relatively large city. I lived in a tall apartment building and took the bus into the city each day for work, and near the bus stop was a row of hedges that separated the sidewalk from the busy road. The hedges were about four feet tall, but they weren't neatly groomed, and so some of the bushes were taller than others. One morning as I walked towards the bus stop, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a bra lying on top of one of the taller hedges. With people walking nearby, I really didn't dare stop and take a closer look, and so I just kept walking to the bus stop trying to register in my mind that I had really seen a bra there somewhat hidden in the bushes. You can imagine what I thought about the rest of the day at work, and as I finally arrived back at the bus stop on the way home, I walked as close to the hedges as I could and glanced again relieved to see the bra still lying there at the top of the hedges. It was still daylight, and there were crowds of people around, and so I didn't dare walk into the hedges to retrieve the bra, but after dark, I walked back towards the bus stop and finally retrieved that hidden treasure.

The mystery of how that bra got there was harder to solve than the pantyhose that likely fell out of the laundry basket, but this girl was elated to add another bra to my collection, especially since I was still in my mid-twenties and shopping for female things--especially lingerie--was a frightening task. I'm sure many of you have had similar experiences throughout life, and isn't it funny how we seem to have this eagle eye that can spot something out of place when it regards female clothing?

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