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Summer Forecast:  Lots of Girl Time!

May is undoubtedly the my busiest month of the year for the following reasons: it's the height of the soccer mom season with games and practices every night; school is winding down meaning those last-minute projects need to be finished and late work made up; and the onset of spring calls for lots of yard work including the preparation and planting of my vegetable garden. I barely have time to catch my breath and blow at my bangs, but I realize that these will likely be the most treasured moments of my life, and so I am trying to enjoy it to the fullest.

The downside of course to being a busy parent is that my time to be a girl seems to always take a backseat in May. Some years I am able to find a day or at least a few hours in the morning to do some shopping for spring and summer fashions, and while I didn't get a chance this year to do that, I had a few extra days in March and April that allowed me to start putting together some new outfits for summer. You can bet that nearly every night as a I fall asleep, I'm mentally rummaging through my closet thinking about new outfits that I can put together and new adventures to experience this summer when I have lots of girl time.

My first chance to be a true girl again is coming in June where I'll have a four-day weekend all to myself. After that, I also have lots of time in July and at least one long weekend scheduled in August, so until I'm able to actively venture out into pulic as a girl again, I thought I would at least check in with everyone and talk about recent events and fashion trends and other things that really have me excited for summer.

Turning in our skis
Okay, I know skis has nothing to do with summer, but there's always a day in early May that is a turning point for me where I officially exit winter mode and start thinking about warm-weather fashion. As I've written in multiple entries in my diary, one activity that our family really enjoys is skiing, and I particularly enjoy skiing because I'm able to cross dress much of my outfit even though I look like a guy from the neck up. First, I'm always wearing pantyhose or tights to keep my bottom half warm when I go skiing. My wife and family are very familiar with this, and so it's a common site the mornings we go skiing to see me walking around the house in my ski pants with my feet poking out clad in pantyhose or opaque tights. My ski pants were also purchased from the women's rack, and I often wear turtlenecks or sweaters that are female fashion as well, so not only do I get to enjoy a day of skiing with my family, but I get to wear girls clothes while doing it.

And once we're done skiing for the day, I may change out of my bulky ski pants, but I still get to wear my pantyhose for the rest of the day and hopefully a girl sweater. During the winter, I often wear panties and pantyhose for warmth with my wife's blessing, and so winter time is important for me because it helps keep me sane by allowing me to under dress when I can't always get out of the house fully dressed like a girl. Anyway, there's always a day in early May where it's time to turn on our rental ski equipment, and this day always signals to me that it's time to start putting the winter memories aside and prepare for the upcoming spring and summer.

The very first thing that comes to my mind when I think about spring and summer is 'what will the new fashion trends be this year?' One of my goals as a male to female cross dresser is to implement the current fashion trends worn by every day girls, and so I'm constantly people watching and shopping online to see what the latest trends are. Last year I noticed that maxi dresses were getting popular, and while I was able to shop for them briefly and even try one on at Kohl's, I never did find a style and pattern that I wanted. I still haven't given up on my quest for a pretty maxi dress, and I've definitely noticed a new fashion trend this year in long maxi skirts like the one pictured at left. The pattern on these new skirts and long dresses calls for bold diagonal stripes in a single color alternated with white, and I am seeing girls everywhere sporting these new maxi dresses and maxi skirts. The garments themselves are light cotton and perfect for warm weather, and so I can promise I will spend a day or two of shopping looking for a perfect maxi dress or skirt.

Once I find a dress or skirt that will work, I will of course need matching sandals to complete the outfit, and one of my goals this summer is to finally purchase a pair of sandals with a strap or loop that goes in between my big toe and the toe next to it. For some reason, I don't like

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