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Wearing Bra and Panties to Give Blood

working girl in BurberrySince dressing up like an office girl seems to be my thing lately, I will start off this blog entry with yet another pic of something that I could wear to the office. My dream one day is to crossdress as a woman and work in a legitimate office, and whether or not that dream will come true I don't know, but at least I will have the proper wardrobe ready if it does. :-)

The experience I want to talk about today, however, involves giving blood...ugh. Okay, I know that most girls don't have a problem with this, but since I was born a genetic guy, I still do have a problem with needles, and last Saturday, I donated blood at a drive the red cross was doing in our community. I'm not a person of high standing in our community, but I am quite well known due to sporting activates, band activities, school functions, and everything else associated with our children that keeps us busy moms going, and I'm also very close friends with the person organizing the blood drive, and so there was no way for me to say no when they personally called and asked if I would donate.

Since it was a Saturday, my wife had a few errands to run in the next town over, and so I decided to calm my nerves at the blood drive by wearing a bra and panties beneath my regular clothes. Someday I think it would be fun to donate blood as a girl, and I know I could pull it off, but since this was a community blood drive and there would be many people there that I knew, I couldn't do anything too risky. Still, I figured out at an early age that I just felt more relaxed and at home when I wear bra and panties, and so I used to underdress all the time when taking tests in college or when I was going through stressful times at work. Small children have a security blanket to lean on, and I have my bras and panties, and so I thought it would be fun to underdress to ease the pain of donating my girl blood.

My wife had to leave the house about 90 minutes before my scheduled appointment, and so I decided to start the morning off right by taking a shower and shaving my legs. Before I hopped in the shower, I laid out my bra, a pair of big girl panties (literally), and then an Always pad on a decorative pillow from our bed nearby where I dress when out of the shower. I noticed that this is something that my wife does instead of wearing her towel after a shower into the walk-in closet to change into unmentionables there, and so when I have the opportunity, I love to lay my bra and panties on our bed along with a pad. As is usually the case with me, my bra and panties didn't match, but since I would be underdressing today, I wanted to wear a soft cup bra that I purchased without matching laying out lingerie before a showerpanties, and so I made do by selecting the pair of pink Vanity Fair panties that I bought myself for Christmas. I think I've also read somewhere that pink is the perfect color to put one's mind at ease, and so that's why hospitals usually have pink wait...maybe it's green I'm thinking of. Anyway, we all know the effect that pink has on girls like us! ;-)

After my shower, I snapped a quick picture with my cellphone of my bra and panties laid out on my bed along with the pad. And now that my legs were shaved, I couldn't help not to wear a pair of pantyhose underneath, and so I went to my pantyhose drawer and selected a pair of L'eggs pantyhose with a reinforced toe in suntan. The pantyhose felt great on my legs, and I really wanted to take a picture of my look in front of my full length mirror, but the Vanity Fair panties I purchased for Christmas are very sheer, and they don't look very sexy at all when wearing a pad for protection. I found this out just before Valentines Day when I went to Kohl's and took a picture of myself in the fitting room wearing just my turtleneck sweater and then pantyhose underneath. I'll post a small version of that pic here so you can see what I mean in lieu of taking one of the way I looked on this morning. Wearing a pad with sheer panties gives the appearance of a fitting room at Kohl's in nylonsbulge in pictures, but I promise that I never have one of those when dressed as a girl.

After putting on my underwear, I selected a sheer gray turtleneck for my top and then Adidas track pants for my bottom. This particular turtleneck is very thin and designed to be worn as a layer underneath something a little bit heavier. As a result, my bra easily showed through the top, but it was a chilly spring morning, and so I knew I would be wearing a down vest over the turtleneck anyway. I debated as to whether or not I should wear ankle socks over my pantyhose, and if I knew I wouldn't run into anyone I knew, I would have just gone in my tennis shoes and pantyhose feet, but I knew that as I lay there on the bed donating my blood people I knew would come by, and so I opted for the ankle socks in the end.

By this time it was about 10 minutes prior to my appointment, and so nervously grabbed my cellphone and the keys to my car and headed for the door. I did have children and home, and I didn't cover up my feet with the ankle socks until it was time to go, but I realized that I had made a good choice once I reached the community center. Several assistants were on hand to take my name and give me the waiver for donating, and after just a few minutes, I found myself in the waiting area sitting on a folded chair close to about six other people. It occured to me that my turn wouldn't come for about 30 minutes, so that gave me the chance to take some pictures with my cellphone of how I looked from the knees down. I crossed my legs in the waiting area and knew that a few inches of my legs covered in pantyhose could be seen, but I didn't care. I was a guy wearing what?

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