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Another Paradigm Shift?

When I first began this website, I was all about the pictures, and I guess I still am about the pictures because what fun is a crossdressing website without them? Still, as I look back on the history of my website, I can see a fundamental shift as to my focus in the types of diary entries and even the types of pictures. In the beginning, my main focus was on creating lots of different outfits and then taking my pictures wearing them. I would hold these marathon photo sessions for four or five hours where I'd map out exactly what I'd wear from my top to my skirt to my pantyhose and shoes. I'd wear one top, take lots of pictures, change my skirt, take more pictures, change my skirt again and take even more pictures, and then go through my fashion show plan changing clothes rapidly as I went. I know how much I love to view crossdresser fashion, and so that's what I attempted to achieve early on.

A significant event occurred in the spring of 2011 that changed the dynamic of my website: I bought a Smartphone. Up until that point, I had used the same cell phone since about 2004, and needless to say it didn't have a camera. Once I had the Smartphone, however, I was able to take pictures discretely with my cell phone, and so a major shift occurred in my website to where I no longer really cared about those marathon fashion shows at home; rather, I was looking for any photo opportunity I could in public and creating new marathon fashion shows in the fitting rooms at stores. With the new cell phone in my purse, I could now snap candid pictures of me shopping for lingerie, trying on shoes, and even changing clothes in the fitting room of department stores. And so the focus of my website became 'where can I take the next picture in public?', not 'how many fashion shows can I put together at home?'

Well, for the last two years I've gotten plenty of use out of my Samsung Galaxy phone, but like anything that is considered a technological device in this day and age, my smart phone was getting too outdated and needed to be replaced. And so I'm happy to report that I've just received in the mail a new Nexus phone by Google. Apparently the Nexus can take stellar pictures including high resolution pics, and so I'm super excited to see what kind of pictures I can now take with my new phone. This phone also takes panorama pics, and it can supposedly take what they call sphere pictures, and so my girlie mind will be busy thinking up pictures to take in the future.

In the mean time, I thought I would document my ski trip today using the camera from my new Nexus phone because I was really excited to see how the pictures would turn out. I went skiing with the family, so I wasn't able to dress like a girl from the neck up, but I at least made sure to wear panties and pantyhose beneath my ski pants. I say pantyhose because it was a super warm day today for wintertime, and so I thought tights would be too hot. I also didn't wear my girl ski pants opting for a pair of Adidas track pants that are much thinner but still waterproof. In actuality, it was probably too hot to wear pantyhose or tights while skiing today, but this girl will take any opportunity she can get to sport sexy legs even while skiing.

My morning began with my usual shower where I also shaved my legs. Since I wasn't in a huge hurry, I took my time and managed a really close shave. Once out of the shower, I put on a pair of panties and was sad that I couldn't pair it with a bra, but since I was skiing with my family today, I had to dress largely as a guy. Once I had cooled down, I did slip into a pair of L'eggs sheer to waist pantyhose, and then took my first picture of the morning using my new phone with my legs resting on the edge of the tub next to the can of Skintimate shaving cream I used to shave my legs.

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