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Wearing A Cami Out In Public

From the time when I was a teenager, I began setting cross dressing goals for myself, and I still enjoy the practice today. My first goal, for example, was to go outside fully dressed, and I accomplished this when I was 14 years old. Granted, this required my staying up until 2:30 AM and sneaking out the back door for a short walk through the neighborhood, but I can still remember the excitement and thrill of planning and accomplishing that goal, not to mention the sensation of a cool breeze blowing against my legs adorned in a pair of nylons.

At the time, my mother was storing her old clothing downstairs in the basement where my bedroom also happened to be, so I had easy access to some dresses. I had also began building up a stash of my sister's old panties, a bra, and pairs of my mother's pantyhose that I didn't think she'd miss, so the final item I needed to borrow was a pair of shoes.

When I thought the timing was right for my first adventure, I snuck a pair of white strappy sandals from my mother's closet and hid them with my small stash of lingerie. I had also been lucky enough to find an old half-slip in the boxes of old clothing downstairs, so there really wasn't an item I was missing.

I picked out a silky charcoal-colored dress with a lace collar, pulled on a pair of L'eggs suntan pantyhose, and then strapped on that pair of white sandals. I can still remember the thrill of staring at the contrast of suntan nylons against those white shoes and realizing that they were actually on my legs!

After confirming that everyone else in the house was asleep, I snuck out the back door of our house and walked up and down our street for about 20 minutes completely savoring the experience of finally being outside fully dressed like a girl.

Through the years, my cross dressing goals became more daring, but to this day, I still enjoy the satisfaction of accomplishing a new goal.

One thing that I have always wanted to do as a girl was to go out in public wearing a camisole with my bra straps showing. The biggest roadblock to accomplishing this, though, were the terrible male tan lines I would develop as the weather grew warmer and warmer. It would be just too obvious--not to mention ugly--to wear a camisole in public with a nice tan on my arms ending abruptly just above the elbows. Then there's the back of the neck which also tans easily when wearing a shirt without a collar.

And so my predicament was that I've always wanted to wear a camisole outside in the summertime, but I could never make it to summer without developing obvious male tan lines. This year, however, I determined that I would do all I could to cover up my arms and neck until I was able to wear a camisole out in public.

In order to solve the problem of male tan lines, I wore a long-sleeved, collared shirt every day the first half of this year. I have quite fair skin as it is, and I tend to freckle more than tan, so in the name of protecting my skin from the harmful rays of the sun, I had the perfect excuse to cover up even on the warmer days.

Now that I had the tan line problem solved, I needed to take the next step, which was to go out and actually buy some camis that I could wear outside! I went to Old Navy and chose three camis in slightly different styles and different colors: pink, yellow, and gray. I immediately took them home to accessorize them with bras, skirts, etc. to decide on the perfect outfit for my first adventure into public wearing a cami.

A final item of consideration to perfect the look was my breasts since a camisole is quite revealing. I had two options to consider: wearing a bra with a larger cup, stuffing it, and trying to cover everything up or wearing an A-cup and letting the natural contour of my breasts show. I decided to wear an A-cup since that would give me the most natural look.

Earlier this year, I purchased a pretty Maidenform push-up bra in a size 34A. The bra is a bit tight, but since it is a push-up bra, it allows me to gather my natural breasts together nicely providing a natural look. I was so excited with the natural look that I went out and purchased another 34A push-up bra in black, this one a comfortable cotton bra by Jockey.

As I began putting my outfit together, I actually decided on the pink cami, which comes up so high on my chest that it covers any sign of cleavage. Still, I thought it gave me a very natural look, and the yellow cami left too much of my bra exposed, and while I wanted to attract some attention, I didn't want to attract THAT much attention. I also considered wearing the gray cami with my black bra, but the gray cami has a built in bra already (called a shelf bra I think), so it just seemed like too much.

Now that I was decided on the pink cami, I chose to wear my crème-colored Maidenform bra underneath and paired that with a black denim mini-skirt and open-toe slingback sandals. I'm probably too old anymore to wear such an outfit, but since I was planning on just going to Walmart, I decided that I would fit in with the crowd just fine.

I didn't really have anything to buy, so I spent most of my time browsing in the clothing area and then the make-up aisles. After about 30 minutes of trying to catch a view of myself in every mirror possible, I finally decided on a small package of hoop earrings and a bottle of sunscreen since I was going on a fishing trip with my long-time friend that weekend (you know how we girls love our fishing trips!).

I took my camera with me, so I could document the outing, and after taking a picture of me in the Walmrt parking lot, I headed to a nearby park to snap a few more shots. It was so hot outside that I chose a nice shady area in a small grove of trees, but the brightness of the day coupled with the shade under the trees caused my pictures to turn out terrible since it's really difficult to get the lighting just right on a bright summer day.

Nonetheless, I returned home a happy girl after finally reaching my goal of venturing out in public wearing a camisole with my bra straps showing. I also have several new pairs of earrings that I can accessorize with other summer outfits meaning I'll have to put even more shopping trips together so I can show everything off!

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