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Hottie at the Pump

It's one thing to spend the morning as a girl shopping and running errands, but it's quite another to have to transform back into guy mode and have everything cleaned up and put away before kids come home from school. Then you throw work responsibilities on top of that, and it leaves less and less time to update a blog entry. Still, this girl's not complaining because I will take every chance I get to cross dress as a woman and venture into public. I'm starting this diary entry in this manner because there's no way that I will have the time to update everything I did today into a single entry before I slip into my pink nightie and hop into bed, but I had such a fun experience today with the pictures to back it up that I thought I would start off this week's updates blogging about it.

I am a very bad procrastinator, and I don't know if that's just a guy thing or if plenty of girls out there procrastinate too, but one area that really drives my wife crazy is that I always wait until the fuel meter is on empty before I fill my car back up with gas. As I drove home from work yesterday, the fuel level in my car was so low that even I was getting nervous, but since I knew that I'd have time to crossdress this morning and run a few errands, I was determined to make it all the way home and then visit the gas station as a girl the next morning.

Well, it turns out that I did have enough gas in the car to make it home and down the hill to the nearest gas station (which happens to be a Costco), and so my first stop this morning was to Costco to fill up my tank. Normally, I don't even blog about filling up my tank as a girl because it's just not a feminine environment, but today on a whim, I decided to perch my camera on the dashboard of my car, leave the driver's side door open, and then pose in front of the gas pump at Costco as I filled up my car. I'm not sure why I decided to do this, but it was a fun experience doing the different poses, and then once I got back home and looked at the pics, I was stunned at how well they turned out. In fact, I think this set of pictures might be the hottest set I've ever done, so how ironic is it that my best photos ever crossdressed came at a gas station?!

But the fun didn't stop there with these photos. If you've ever filled your car up at Costco then you know that they have at least one worker out wandering among the pumps to make sure that the customers aren't running into issues. That was no different for me today, but since this was my first adventure of the morning, there was only one guy manning the pumps when I got there about 9:30 AM. He was standing in the shadow of the roof overhead and just observing all of the cars from the very front of the lot.

I actually flashed him a smile when I drove up next to my pump, and he nodded back in my direction, so I at least knew he was looking. Before I got out of my car, I set my camera on the dashboard right next to the door and pointed it the best I could in the direction where I figured I'd be standing while filling up my tank, and then I exited the car and began snapping pictures documenting this unusual outing while crossdressed.

Once I had everything in place with the fuel being pumped into my tank, I started posing right there next to the pump. I did my usual poses and played with my hair all will clicking away with my camera. Because my car was parked beneath the roof overhead, I was in the shadows, and so the flash bulb on my camera went off with every picture. I didn't care, though, if anyone else noticed because I'm a girl, and girls just want to have fun, especially when they're all dolled up and in front of a camera, and so I kept snapping away while waiting for the tank to fill.

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