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Putting Spanx Pantyhose to the Test

crossdresser in spanx pantyhoseA few days ago, I talked about going shopping for tights and coming across a pair of Spanx Love Your Assets body shaping pantyhose. I had heard a little bit about Spanx before then, and I have had several people recommend through email that I try their products, and so I paid $16 for a pair of their pantyhose. I've never spent that much on pantyhose before, but if there was a chance that it could give me a better figure, I thought it would be worth the try. At worst, it's something new that I can blog about. :-)  And so for today's diary entry, I am going to blog about putting Spanx pantyhose to the test!  This is how I did it.

Yesterday morning as I dressed for the day just out of the shower, I went through my usual routine which is to wrap my towel around my torso, grab a fresh maxi pad, and then head for my walk-in closet. But yesterday as I grabbed a pad, I noticed it was the last one in the package. Since I always wear pads when I wear panties, and I knew I would be going out the next day, I wanted to save that last pad for today's excursion, and so yesterday I borrowed a panty liner from my wife making a mental note that I would need to run to the store for more pads this morning. I determined that a quick jaunt to the store for maxi pads would be a fun adventure in and of itself, and so a plan of what to do today began forming in my girl brain.

Throughout this heavenly weekend, I noticed that I've tried short hair, long hair, medium hair, yoga pants, skirts, sweaters, pantyhose, tights, flats, and on and on, but the one thing that I have yet to wear is a pair of heels, and so today it was about time that I acted like a proper lady and wore heels out to shop, even if it was just a quick dash to Wal-Mart for some feminine hygiene products.

Since my journey today would come in the morning, I decided that if I was going to make heels work in my outfit then I need to go as a working girl. And when I crossdress as a working girl, I always wear pantyhose, and so I thought I could kill a few birds with one stone today and try out my new Spanx pantyhose and see if they help improve my figure. Now, normally when I wear a skirt, my top is never tucked into the skirt. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find more than five pictures on my entire website when I'm wearing a skirt with the top tucked in. The reason for that is quite simple: I was born a guy, and so I have a guy waistline, a small bum, and no hips to speak of. As a result, tucking my top into my skirt does not provide for a girlish figure at all. It's far easier to let my top flow down on top of my skirt because the waistband of my skirt along with the waistband of my pantyhose will usually press into my tummy, and so my top will actually go inwards at that point and then flare outwards beyond the waistline providing the illusion that I have more hips than I really do. It's one of a few subtle tricks that girls like us can use in order to enhance our appearance.

Anyway, I determined today that I would not use any tricks. Rather, I would let the Spanx pantyhose do the talking and see what kind of shape they gave my body. I told myself that even if the Spanx pantyhose didn't work, I couldn't chicken out, so I set the following rules for myself regarding my outfit:

1. I had to wear an extremely tight top
2. I had to wear a pencil skirt
3. The top had to be tucked into the waistline of my skirt

While I'm on the subject, I love the term pencil skirt because a pencil is a great way to refer to the shape of a guy's body (if he doesn't have a tummy). The ideal shape for a girl is the hourglass, and if she has a gorgeous body, the body will shape the pencil skirt...not the other way around. I figured that if I wore a pencil skirt AND tucked my top into my skirt, it would really put the Spanx to the test. And so that's what I did today.

crossdressing a tight topThe top I chose is a very tight plum turtleneck that is really designed to be worn as a layer underneath a looser top. And while this top is tight, the fabric is actually quite light, and so I have to be careful about the bra I wear underneath. If I wear a white bra, the cups stand out way too much to where you have a beautifully formed chest with two mountains of white showing through that really detract from the overall look. As a result, I selected a beige t-shirt bra that really gives my breasts a nice form yet doesn't demand the attention of a white bra.

As for my skirt, I chose one that you've probably never seen me wear partly because it's so hard to create a decent waistline in it. This pencil skirt is very tight, but the fabric is so silky that it doesn't bind at all. Probably another reason why I haven't worn it out before is the print on the skirt. It's sort of a cross between a leopard and a pheasant and a few other wild animals, so for some reason, I've never worn it out in public. The one thing I do like about the skirt is the ruffle flair at the very bottom. It's kind of a fun look and makes me feel more girly, but the important thing is that it's still a pencil skirt and not forgiving around my waistline.

Along with this skirt and top, I of course wore the Spanx specialty pantyhose, which have a slight reinforced toe and come in a nude shade. To cap of my wardrobe, I slipped into a pair of black heels, which is the same pair that I wore to the musical Wicked. Each shoe has a pretty little bow on the front, which adds the perfect girly touch. Now that I think about it, today was the first time I've worn a pair of heels outside since attending Wicked, so I could tell it would be an exciting morning.

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