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My Wife Borrowed My Pantyhose...Again!

Yesterday, my wife and I decided to attend church, and it was the first time we had attended in about a month due to fall soccer on the weekends and our busy lives in general. Whenever we do go to church, we always dress up with me in a shirt and tie and my wife in a blouse and skirt. My wife is very fashion-conscious, and as such, she has followed the trend of the last decade or so where women choose to go bare-legged even in a formal situation. When she does wear some type of hosiery with a skirt or dress, she wears opaque tights, usually in straight black, but sometimes she wears those fashion tights that have patterns or designs in them.

In my opinion, wearing tights is better than going bare-legged, but I honestly can't remember the last time she wore pantyhose. She does have a pair of Donna Karan pantyhose in a nude shade in her drawer, but I don't think she's worn them in four or five years. Instead, she'll choose to wear opaque tights when it gets chilly and needs to wear a skirt or dress.

Well, yesterday as we were getting dressed for church, I was ready first since I was dressed in boring guy clothes, but I stayed in our bedroom and chatted with my wife as she did her makeup and hair. By this time, she was already wearing a black short-sleeve turtleneck sweater and crème-colored skirt, and of course I noticed that her legs were bare. When she finished her makeup and hair, she asked me if I thought the church would be cold. I said that it usually is due to the high vaulted ceilings, and so she said, "I guess I'll wear tights then under my skirt." She went into our walk-in closet, and I could hear her open up her tights drawer, but she soon called out to me saying, "can I borrow a pair of tights from you?".

I suspected she might ask to borrow a pair of my tights because the last time we dressed up like this, we were both dressing in our walk-in closet, and she was grumbling about not having any good tights left. At the time, she said that she might need to borrow some from me, but since she was wearing a long skirt at the time, she just ended up wearing some thick knee-hi trouser socks from her own drawer. Yesterday, however, she was frustrated once again as she picked through the opaque tights in her drawer, and she asked me if she could borrow a pair of tights from me.

I told her "of course," and so she next opened my pantyhose drawer. My pantyhose drawer is situated as such where I keep my tights at the front of the drawer and my pantyhose at the rear of the drawer. As I stated on my history page, I first told my wife that I had purchased a few pairs of tights while on a business trip in Korea because I didn't know where to purchase any long underwear to stay warm in the winter. She actually praised my thinking, and from that point forward, I have worn tights in place of long underwear since they are far more practical (and fun!) :-) Regarding pantyhose, that was a little bit harder sell to my wife because if the purpose of wearing tights was to keep warm then there would be no sense in downgrading to pantyhose, which aren't as thick. And so I began "experimenting" with thicker support pantyhose both as a means of insulating my legs and as a means of giving my legs extra support.

My wife didn't really balk when I first started doing this, and so I started experimenting more and more until my pantyhose drawer has become filled to overflowing with pantyhose of all types and shades. Anyway, because tights were the way that I first introduced the wearing of pantyhose and tights to my wife, I put them in the more prominent position in my drawer at the front. In the middle of the drawer, I place my darker shades of pantyhose since at first glance they could look like tights, and so the gradual change in my drawer from front ot back is tights in the front, darker pantyhose and support pantyhose in the middle, and then my sheerer pantyhose in the back.

So yesterday, my wife opened my pantyhose drawer about halfway to where she could see the tights at the front and the darker pantyhose in the middle. She first picked up a pair of black tights and undid them inserting her hand into the panty portion and the upper leg. She said "these are too thick" and then placed them back in the drawer and next picked up a pair of black support pantyhose that I purchased at JCPenney several years ago, the same pair I am wearing in the pictures above. She commented that they really looked like a nice pair of hose and tried them on before walking over to the full length mirror to gauge her appearance. She did that girly bounce on her tiptoes that we all do and commented that these we were really nice pantyhose and felt great on her legs.

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