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A Girl and Her Webcam

My mother-in-law is in town for a few weeks, and when she comes, she and my wife inevitably make a 90 minute drive to go shopping at an outlet mall. They also spend a good six hours or so shopping and eating lunch, so that means they're gone for about 9 hours straight. Since we have young, school-age children who need someone at home after school, I graciously volunteered to work from home last Thursday so they could go shopping. These work from home days roughly follow this schedule:

9:00 AM - send the kids to school
9:05 AM - Hop in the shower and make sure to shave my legs and anywhere else that needs it
9:25 AM - Towel off and change into a bra and panties
9:30 AM - Apply my make-up and get ready to go out
10:15 AM - Finish getting ready and then fuss about my appearance for 30 more minutes in front of every mirror in the house
10:45 AM - Go out and do some shopping
12:30 PM - Eat lunch en femme
1:30 PM - Do any last minute shopping and then head home to prepare for the kids' arrival back home...and check my work email

I always get a kick how my wife feels bad every time she makes one of these shopping trips because she thinks it's such an inconvenience to me, but I can't wait for them since it allows me to fully dress up and go out for a few hours.

Today, my routine was a little bit different because I tried web camming en femme for the first time. One of my very best girl friends, Aimee, told me about chatting with a web cam en femme and has recently been giving me tips on how to proceed, so I determined on this day that I would web cam with Aimee while fully dressed up.

I finally made it online about 11:00 AM and chatted with Aimee for a full hour where she was able to view me via web cam. Since I was camming from a wireless MacBook, I also took a request or two from Aimee like climbing into my red SUV to broadcast to her the ultimate soccer mom scenario. I finally told her that I was going to run out and do some shopping but promised to chat with her again when I got back.

crossdressing tops I've noticed since I began posting pictures online that almost all of my tops are white. The reason is because I want my bra to show through my top and have it look like any other woman wearing a bra. However, I'm doing my best to get a little bit more color into my outfits. Since I was pressed for time on this day, I went to one of my favorite stores that sells clothing second hand. I began browsing for tops and picked out about six and tried them all on. I settled on orange 3/4 sleeve button up top in orange that's part of the Old Navy stretch line, and a red top with high sleeves and buttons half way down. Both tops are low cut enough and designed for layering, so I can't wait to wear them out over a lace camisole. The red top in particular really displays my breasts well, so expect pics of that soon.

cross dressing a micro mini skirtAfter I decided on which tops to buy, I next headed towards the skirt section and really got carried away. I wanted a short denim skirt to wear in the summer, and I came across a black micro mini-skirt that fit me perfectly. I'm probably too old to wear a micro-mini anymore, but hopefully I have the legs to pull it off. I've also been looking for a gray pencil skirt, and while I didn't actually find exactly what I wanted, I did find a short, gray skirt with large pleats similar to what a school girl would wear with her uniform. Next, I came across a pink nylon skirt with white polka dots that is longer on one side than the other. This is a knee-length skirt as well, and I guess I was in the mood to find some fun summer clothes. The last two skirts I purchased are soft, silky nylon knee-length skirts in dressy patterns. I'll probably need something a bit more formal to wear on top with these skirts, but after trying them on, I just had to have them.
skirts for cross dressing
When I was finally done shopping, it was 1:45 PM, so I had to speed home and model my new purchases for Aimee. Luckily, I still caught her on webcam and gave her a live fashion show of everything except my red top as I was running out of time fast. I finally said goodbye to Aimee about eight minutes before my kids were to return home and rushed into the bathroom to remove my eye make-up and lipstick. I also gathered up all my new clothes and threw them on my bed to fold later once my kids were settled and doing their homework.

Due to my time constraints, I wasn't able to take any pictures of me that day, but you can be sure at the next chance I will model all of my new purchases in front of the camera. With summer upon us, I also can't wait to get out and about wearing cute tops and short skirts.

web camming en femmeI've never shopped with another girl friend before, but talking with Aimee before my shopping spree and modeling everything for her when I returned made for such a fun day. Associating with other girls--even if it is via a live web cam--adds a totally new dimension to my life as a female, and I can't wait to explore this avenue further. I think next up, I will venture into an unknown chat room and see what waits for me there. I can just imagine talking to guys via web cam will heighten this new dimension for me as.
nude pantyhose and brown mary janes
At Aimee's request, I wore the outfit seen at right only instead of the black strappy sandals and suntan pantyhose, I wore nude pantyhose and the brown mary jane sandals pictured at left. There were quite a few moms out shopping and pushing their little children in strollers, but I didn't notice anyone giving me a strange look. I listened to several of the mothers carry on casual conversations as they browsed for clothing and could only imagine reaching a level where I would be able to do that. Still, it was a stress free outing, and I don't even think the lady at the register suspected that I wasn't a girl. All in all, it was an exhilarating day.

2/2 Black Bra Day

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