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Buying A Bra Like Katy Perry's (page 2 of 3)

As soon as the clock struck 10 AM, I grabbed my purse complete with cell phone and camera and hopped in my SUV, a typical vehicle that a woman my age would be driving around town to shop and run other errands. There is a Kohl's located about five minutes from my house, and so I chose to go there since I'm not worried at all that someone who knows me would be able to see the girl side of me and connect it with the guy side. Anyway, as I arrived in the parking lot I was surprised by the large number of cars already there, but when I looked at the company hours on the door, it indicated that they open at 8 AM instead of 10 AM (yes, I'm a natural blonde). I also remembered that the summer time is for back to school shopping, and so I expected quite a few moms to be there with their children, and I was right.

For some reason, I always love to enter Kohl's by the side door next to the shoe department, and I think the reasons are twofold. First, there is less traffic by that door, and second, whenever I go to a store cross dressed, I will inevitably go to the shoe department and try on shoes for about 30 minutes. Today was no different as I browsed through the aisles and aisles of shoes, but I was a little bit disappointed in the selection. It seemed as if everything was either summer sandals or dressier shoes with heels about 5" tall. I actually did try on a pair of suede heels that matched the color of Katy Perry's bra; however, I was so tall in them that I didn't want to walk over to the mirror and take a pictures, especially when there were three other women browsing for shoes at the same time.

I did find a gorgeous pair of black pumps whose heels were 2 - 3 inches, and so I did try those on with very favorable results. I just loved the shoes, and they were so classy, but the price tag was $55, and I just couldn't justifying making the purchase at that time. I still may go back and get them though because the crowning event of my two weeks this year will be to attend my favorite musical, Wicked, dressed as a girl. I purchased an Ann Taylor black dress last year that will be perfect for Wicked, but I still need to find a good pair of shoes to match. But I'll blog about that when it happens. For now, let's get back to my quest for the Katy Perry bra.

After leaving the shoe department, I next took a shortcut through the men's department in order to get to the lingerie section where Kohl's keeps all of their racks of clearance bras and panties. Just like last year, there was a such a large assortment of bras and panties to choose from in a rainbow of colors, but I was looking specifically for a teal bra with thin straps and the adjustable clasp in the rear. I found two bras that were good candidates, one a Vanity Fair bra in 38C and the other a Lily of France bra in 36C. The more comfortable bra size for me is 38C, but the Vanity Fair bra had wider straps typical of bras in larger sizes, but I was determined to purchase one just like Katy's and so after going back and forth a bit, I finally chose the 36C bra from Lily of France, which as far as I could tell was very similar to the same bra Katy Perry is wearing in that animated picture above.

My initial intention was to just purchase the bra, but I also thought it'd be fun to purchase a pair of matching panties because when I really stop and think about my collection of bras and panties, none of them really match. Sure, I have panties that all match the color of my bras whether white or beige or black, but I have purchased them all separately, and so I really don't have a single set of bra and panties that truly go together. I also only own conservative colors in my bras and panties, so this would be a fun opportunity to buy some lingerie in a louder color. The Lily of France bra had a bright plum tag on it that said "Pair of matching panties also available," and so I decided that as long as I was going to purchase the bra, I may as well purchase matching panties.

I found the rack that contained the Lily of France panties, but I could find anything in my size in teal. They did have, however, Vanity Fair panties in the same color as the bra, and so even though the brand names were different, the colors and texture of both bra and panties matched perfectly. With my new prizes in hand, I went over to the closest mirror and took a picture of myself holding the bra and panties on their separate hangars. Since I took the pic with my cell phone, it is quite grainy and a little dark, but you can at least see me holding my treasures inside the department store.

After finding the bra I was looking for and matching panties, I next wandered over to the women's section to browse the clothing on the clearance racks there. Last year I found the pink top I wore today and another cute maxi dress I ended up not purchasing, but there just wasn't anything on clearance that really jumped out to me. Yes, there were a few fun things that I would have liked to buy, but I think I can find similar items at the various thrift stores, and you can bet I will be frequenting them in the next two weeks.

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