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Late Night Run for Maxi Pads

crossdressed in a see through blouse and skirtAs is usually the case each summer, my wife and children have returned to her hometown, which is a significant distance away requiring the family to fly. In the past, I have had as much as six weeks to myself, and in a down year, I would only have one week to myself. Though I have only been running this website for three years now, I have taken advantage of my time alone to re-engage with the girl inside of me for many years now. I believe this time alone has been critical in my ability to become a passable male to female cross dresser, and the more I hear from my readers, the more that I am convinced that we all have girls inside of we just need to figure out how to bring them out. In my case, it's taken nearly a decade and a lot of luck, but I am truly blessed that I am able to live a few weeks each year as a girl. Being in the IT industry helps a lot too because it's easy to schedule a "work at home day." Or should I say "dress at home day" :-) .

My first day as a girl got off to a very late start since my families flight was in the evening. By the time I returned home from the airport and was ready to start, it was about 8:30 PM. My first order of business was to rearrange my closet. I accomplish this by moving all of my guy clothes to the back and bringing all of the girl clothes to the front. Today I was determined to neatly place everything on hangars and folded in drawers, and while I initially did this to my wardrobe, within about three hours everything was scattered all over the place as I tried on this bra with that new top and these shoes with that skirt, etc.

As I took an inventory of my things, I made mental notes of items I needed to purchase. One item that I ran out of that you may notice in my pics the first few days was my tube of pretty pink lipstick. I borrowed my wife's today and then will borrow it the next few day's until I can make it to WalMart to purchase more. There are other things on my list as well that I need to acquire, but the one item that I simply must have now when I dress our maxi pads.

Last year, one of my girl friends, Samantha, told me that I simply needed to give them a try, and so one morning I dressed up as a working girl and headed to WalMart to make the purchase. I had three weeks to myself and ended up purchasing a pack of 22 pads. I ran out just before the last day and ended up borrowing one from my wife. If you're cross dresser holding package of Stayfree maxi padswondering why I don't just use my wive's pads, the reason is I'm sure she'd frown on my using maxi pads altogether. Telling her why I started to wear tights and pantyhose was easy; convincing her that I needed to wear panties with my pantyhose and tights was more difficult; and talking her into letting me wear maxi pads would likely be a disaster. Who knows...maybe I will catch a break and somehow, someway she will make the suggestion to use one, but it would have to come from her.

So, with none of my own pads in the house, my very first adventure was to make a run to supermarket to purchase some pads. I knew I wouldn't make it out of the house until about 10:30 PM, so I needed to decide a role that I would be playing as a girl. Would I be dressed casually in a cami and shorts? Would I be wearing a track suit? Or should I pretend to be a working girl who is out of pads and needs to make that stop for more pads before the morning. I chose the last scenario because I think I wanted and excuse to wear a skirt and noticeable nylons :-).

For my outfit, I decided to try a brand new top that I picked up at a thrift store on a day of shopping in May. One new style that I just love are very sheer tops layered over a cami or a plain tank top. Many of the younger girls are wearing this, and of course I want to mimick them. I came across this darling sheer blue top with tiny white polka dots and then lots of lace around the neckline and the hem of the sleeves. There is only one tag on the blouse that says M for medium, but it fit me, and so I purchased it for a few dollars. Needless to say when I first tried it on I wasn't disappointed. The fabric is so sheer and sexy, and one other thing I noticed today when I wore it was that it was extremely cool in the summer heat, so it was win-win for this girl.

When I purchased the top, I immediately began thinking of a skirt or pants that it would go well with, and in my mind I determined that my brown cotton tie-skirt from Old Navy would be perfect. After choosing the skirt, probably a more

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