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Soccer Mom in Bra and Panties

I love the term soccer mom, and I consider myself a member of this group since all of my children are actively involved in various sports including soccer. My wife and I often find ourselves worn out at the end of the weekday after shuttling kids around to their various games and practices. And then comes the weekend where the kids' competitive teams play their games, sometimes two in a row which can take up half the day.

With the competitive leagues, travel is also involved, and it's not uncommon for us to have to travel an hour away from home on the weekends as a son or daughter will play in back to back games at a remote location. Sometimes we are lucky on the weekends and have games close to home, and then sometimes one child will play locally while another child will play far away. As busy parents, we try and juggle our schedules and devote equal time to each of our children, but I've noticed that on some weekends, I am lucky enough to be the parent staying locally while my wife is taking another child far away. During these times, I take full advantage of being Lisa even if it is for just an hour here or there.

A few Saturdays ago, I had the perfect opportunity to take advantage of some girl time while my wife was away and the child under my care was playing locally. I arranged for a neighbor to take my child to the field early since many coaches want the players there an hour early before a game to warm up. That meant I had about an hour and twenty minutes to myself to spend as Lisa, and I made sure to take full advantage.

After my wife left in the morning to travel with our other child, I hopped in the shower and also shaved my legs in the process. Before my shower, I laid the bra and panties I would wear that day out on the bed because there's nothing quite like the anticipation of knowing that I can slip into bra and panties after my shower. On this day, I chose a white, cotton bra in an A-cup since I planned to wear it under my t-shirt as I attended my child's game. As for my panties, I chose a pair of nylon retro panties in peach that aren't super cute, but they are extremely comfortable. I normally like to match my bra and panties, but on this day, I was thinking more of being practical.

This was also a special day because my girl friend, Aimee, had recently sent me a few wigs that she no longer needed, so I had the chance to try them on as a girl. When Aimee first sent me the package, I immediately tried the wigs on after opening the box, but I wasn't properly dressed nor was I wearing makeup. It was hard to tell just how workable the wigs would be without any makeup, so I was anxiously waiting for the chance to do my makeup and properly try them on, and today was that day.

Aimee sent me three wigs, all of them very short. One is a blonde wig very close to my natural color when I was younger; one is a strawberry blonde wig, which is very close to my color now; and the final wig is brunette with a few blonde streaks. This would be the first time ever that I tried on short wigs, so I was anxious to see how they would turn out. I also wanted to know if I would be passable in the wigs because if I ever found myself in a situation where I wanted to change my hairstyle or color, I couldn't wear them out if I couldn't pass in public while wearing them.

Since I was very pressed for time on this morning, my makeup was done very haphazardly. It was still presentable, but I didn't take the proper time to draw in my eyebrows correctly; I didn't blend the tones of my eye shadow as I should have; and I didn't even bother to apply mascara or eyeliner. I've found that removing any trace of mascara and a grease-based eyeliner is too difficult, so when I only have a very short window to dress, I refrain from using them at all.

After applying my makeup, I rushed into my walk-in closet and pulled out a blue and white striped long-sleeve poplin shirt by Polo. This was the style of Polo shirt with the mark and everything that was popular in the early to mid-nineties. I hadn't worn this top for any of my previous pictures, but for some reason I just felt like wearing it. I next pulled on a pair of black opaque tights because it was still chilly outside for spring weather, and I felt like a girl wearing a Polo top would surely wear black tights as opposed to old fashioned suntan pantyhose. Finally, I pulled on a cute pleated skirt in gray which completed my outfit because I didn't even bother with shoes since I wasn't going out.

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