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My New Skirt from Dillard's

Being a crossdresser comes with a lot of frustration because you want to dress, look, and act a certain way, but society dictates that your appearance and mannerisms be something else. Occasionally, however, we girls do get a break, and I had one such experience recently that I thought I'd blog about.

My mother-in-law is the type of person who never buys clothing for herself, but she found herself in a bit of a predicament because both a niece and a nephew were getting married about a month apart. My mother-in-law has a nice jacket and skirt that she wears to formal occasions; however, with both weddings so close together and with the same relatives attending both weddings about a month apart, she didn't want to be seen in the same outfit, which is a typical concern for us ladies.

As a result, she asked my wife for advice, and my wife said that she would go shopping for a nice jacket for my mother-in-law. It wouldn't be strange to wear the same skirt to both occasions they reasoned, so as long as the jacket was different, it would be okay. My mother-in-law's original jacket is a nice gray top with beads and fancy lace, so when my wife went shopping at Dillard's for a new jacket, she decided to purchase one that was more plain and a completely different color.
black Dillard's skirt worn by a cross dresser
She ended up purchasing a beautiful satin red jacket, but the only catch was that it came in a set with a black skirt. The skirt was knee-length with an outer black see-through layer decorated with small red beads (pictured at right), but my mother-in-law refuses to wear anything but pants or an ankle skirt because she thinks her legs are too fat. The jacket was still exactly what both women wanted, however, and since my mother-in-law lives so far away, my wife mailed the jacket to her and kept the skirt at home.

The jacket and skirt were a size 4, and I of course saw the new skirt lying around and tried it on, but I couldn't get it zipped up properly around my hips and thighs, and the last thing I wanted to do was to tear some of the stitches by forcing it on. I have skirts that range from size 6 all the way up to size 14 depending on the brand, so I thought it was at least worth a try to see if this new skirt fit. Unfortunately, it didn't.

cross dresser in a blouse, skirt, and pantyhose But luck was on my side because when my mother-in-law tried on her new jacket, she couldn't button it up around her torso. She sent the jacket back, and my wife and I took the set back to Dillard's to exchange it for a bigger size. My wife wondered if a size 6 would be big enough, but I talked her into a size 8 to be safe. When we got to Dillard's, however, the next closest size they had was 10. We looked at the jacket and determined that it wasn't too large for my mother-in-law, so  we exchanged the jacket and skirt set for the one in size 10. It turns out she could barely get the size 10 buttoned all the way up, but at least she had her new jacket, and we now had a new skirt in size 10 hanging in our closet readily accessible.

Being the dutiful cross dresser that I am, I immediately donned a pair of pantyhose in a taupe color and tried on the skirt. To my delight it fit with a quarter of an inch to spare! I put on a bra and began trying on different tops to see what looked good with the skirt. Most of my tops are casual I guess because nothing looked right with the skirt until I tried on a white long-sleeved blouse with a lace collar. The blouse itself is quite old-fashioned, and you would only see an older lady wearing it these days, but it worked with the skirt since both garments are quite formal. I slipped on my black high-heeled pumps and the outfit was complete.

I will continue to try on other tops with my skirt, and I may even look for a red jacket at a thrift store, but in the mean time, I took plenty of photographs of me cross dressed in my new skirt from Dillard's!

Click here to see all of my poses in this blouse and skirt.

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