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Looking Back On My 2016 Extended Summer Girl Time

For the last year or two, I was having second thoughts as to whether or not my best days were behind me in terms of passing in public as a transgender girl, and so I really needed a summer like this one to restore my confidence, not only in my ability to pass but my ability to thrive out in the real world as a woman. Though I spent most of this extended summer girl time sporting a very plain look with very little makeup and simple hair, I was happy to bring the summer girl time to a close having regained the confidence that I could really rock my look when I wanted to and that I could legitimately pass in nearly every situation when dressing as a woman out in public.

I'm sure that this new-found confidence can be attributed to two elements:

1) My developing a passable, androgynous voice (I'm not sure that I can call it female yet), and...

2) My recent efforts to get fit and lose weight.

Now, I've never really been more than like 10 pounds overweight as a girl, but those 10 pounds just love to go to my tummy and to my chin, and so keeping my body fat low is extremely important to my confidence when it comes to feeling pretty out and about. As for my voice, it has opened up new avenues that were unthinkable to me just a few short months ago, and so as I look back on this year's extended summer girl time, I can't help but to smile and look forward to the future.

In the meantime, I'll close out my extended summer girl time by commenting on a few fun facts and occurrences that I experienced during the summer of 2016.

My New Olga Bra
In my Day 1 update, I introduced my new Olga bra stating that I hoped to blog about it more in depth later on, but I never did get the chance to do that. I suppose there's not much more to tell regarding this bra, but I at least wanted to take some pictures wearing it so I could show it off. Having A-cup bras to wear when I am not presenting fully en femme is so important to me because my natural instincts tell me that I need to be wearing a bra. This Olga racerback bra fits perfectly, and it even provides a slight push-up effect on my natural breast tissue. Yay for bras!!

I don't wear this particular bra out when I am fully en femme due to the small cup size, but it will be essential to my mental well-being in between my outings as a girl. I have a close friend, Peter, and we always talk about dares that we can do when going out as guys while underdressing. He has challenged me to wear my Old Navy tank top in white with this racerback bra a guy, and so I will try to pull that off. It will also be fun to wear this bra with a wide-neck top while still dressed as a guy because the racerback straps will peek through the open neck area. I just love dares.

Did I ever mention during the two weeks that I got a pedicure as a girl? Only about fifty times?? Deciding to get that pedicure as a girl was the best thing that ever happened to my female side. It forced me to develop a voice, and it forced me into a situation where I had no choice but to converse at length with people as a girl. Developing a voice and actually putting myself in a situation where I would have to engage another live person were the two largest barriers that I've struggled with over the years. In fact, I can't even think what the third biggest barrier on my list would be. Being able to overcome those two issues with a single outing has made all the difference, and I couldn't be more excited to see these major barriers just melt away like that. Needless to say, any time that I have extended girl time in the future, I will start it off by getting a pedicure.

As for removing the pedicure when my family came back home, I just couldn't do it. I had the nail polish remover and cotton balls ready, but each time I told myself to go and remove the nail polish, something inside wouldn't let me do it. And so I kept my toenails painted after my family arrived home. I had to be careful around the shower, but other than that, I was able to wear socks around the house in order to cover up my toes. My feet get cold as it is, and with the air conditioner going in the summer, I wear socks at home all the time, so it wasn't strange. When I would go out and run errands alone, I'd remove my socks and slip into my Nike flip-flops and run the errands as a guy with my pedicure in full view of anyone who cared to look. In this picture, you can see me grocery shopping in the produce section wearing my guy shorts along with my painted toes and girl flip-flops. I don't know if anyone ever noticed, but I didn't care. It was just too hard to remove that polish from my toenails. I was determined to keep my toenails painted for a full week after my family arrived, but then I finally had to bit the bullet bra and take off the polish. It really hurt me to do it, but the one consolation is that my toenails were still shaped beautifully.

Camera Issues
Several times throughout my girl time, I may have mentioned camera issues. I don't know when I've ever been as frustrated when taking pictures and video. First, I failed to record all of my time at the public pool, and there would have been some super fun scenes that I could have shown everyone. Second, the remote control stopped working on the main camera I use for taking fashion pics (the pics you see of me indoors). And then third, I actually broke the small Canon point-and-shoot camera that I use out and about to capture pictures from the dashboard of my car and pictures out in pretty settings. Because I go out alone, I have to get creative when it comes to capturing my outings, and that little Canon camera was perfect for setting the timer, placing it in a discreet location, and then capturing a few quick pictures of me en femme.

Well, on the night of my Sunday walk in a dress, I was posing for pretty pictures in my full length dress with the camera resting on the door knob of a maintenance shed near a pretty flower garden. I set the timer to go off and then scooted off to get in position, and after one or two shots, the camera slipped off of the doorknob and landed on its lens resulting in a broken camera darn it. That wasn't the first time that camera had taken a spill. I've probably dropped it twenty times on concrete or asphalt in its history, and it's always perked right back up, sort of like my girls when wearing the Olga bra. :)  On that fateful Sunday, however, I finally broke the camera, and it seemed to just signify that this summer girl time was plagued by camera malfunction issues. At least I was able to retrieve the pictures and videos from the memory card inside of the camera.  In memoriam of that camera, I have posted here my favorite picture ever taken with it.  I was chasing a rainbow for a photo shoot when a timely gust of wind produced the funny post above.

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