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Men Wearing Bras

crossdresser man wearing a pink bra and garter beltI once read on a forum for men who openly wear pantyhose in public that a man and his wife were talking about clothing for both men and women, and they concluded that the only article of clothing associated with women that men had absolutely no use wearing was a bra.

I understand how someone can come to that conclusion, but I didn't agree with that assessment because what if a man wanted to create a more feminine figure? I compare it to those shoulder pads that became fashionable in women's clothing back in the 80's. There was absolutely no reason for women to add padding to their shoulders other than to give them more defined shoulders, or in other words a more masculine look. Conversely, if men wanted to achieve a more feminine appearance, then a good way to do this would be to wear a padded bra, which would certainly give their breasts more definition.

For myself and most male to female cross dressers, the issue of wearing a bra goes much deeper than this. The first item I ever cross dressed was my mother's bra, and while I remember that event vividly, I can't really say what attracted me to it and led me to take the bra out of her drawer and actually try it on.

Through the years, wearing bras has been an integral part of my cross dressing and not only when I dress up as a female but in my everyday life as a male. In junior high and high school, one of the first things I would do when I came home from school is put on a bra. There was just something about having it pressing around my upper body that gave me a sense of security.

a man wearing a teal braThis practice of wearing a bra continued into my college days as well, especially during times that are stressful for college students...taking exams. Whenever I had to take a test, I would under dress as some call it by wearing a bra, panties, and pantyhose underneath my male clothing. As I got braver, I stopped wearing socks over my pantyhose so they were visible around my ankles when I sat at a desk, and I don't know how much time I spent in front of the mirror testing out all of my shirts to see which ones barely let the bra show through.

So beyond a sense of security that a bra gives me, I also realized that I tend to wear them more during situations that cause stress. About a year ago, it was evident that my company would have layoffs, so I remember wearing a bra to work everyday for about two weeks just to deal with the stress of possibly losing my job. And just like my college days, I tested each of my shirts to see how detectable my bra was through them. I loved going to the restroom and posing in front of the big mirror (if no one else was in there) to see how the bra ever so gently enhanced my chest and to see how visible it was through my clothing.

Besides the security and stress relief that a bra provides, I also love to wear them because they're pretty, and it just feels natural to me to wear one. But the reason I am even talking about wearing a bra is because recently when I search the internet for men who wear bras, I've been noticing that a lot of links are referring to a new bra for men that a company is marketing in Japan. This news fascinated me, and I was even more impressed (not surprised of course) to  see that this bra for men was the number one selling item at one point.

I was extremely interested in the background to this company marketing a bra for men, so as I scoured the web and the numerous articles in English that talk about this, I found what I think are good translations of the marketing information used to introduce these bras. I'm posting the reasons on the next page along with the pictures I found on the web because they list the reasons why men would even want to wear a bra, and they are the exact reasons that I have worn a bra my entire life and continue to do so.

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