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A Black Bra Day (page 2)

As I wound my way around the hygiene area, I turned a corner to the aisle with the hair accessories and mirrors, and there shopping was a neighbor who lives a few houses down with her three small children. As brave as I get sometimes, this was a little bit too close for comfort, and so I continued on down a bit to the cosmetics area. I'm always looking for new eyeliner and eye brow pencils, and so I walked up and down the cosmetics aisles for a minute taking a few selfies along the way. Coincidentally, the makeup aisles also have monitors above them remind us girls that big sister is watching.

As I was in makeup, one of the neighbor children ran around the corner and right past me, and he was obviously in "mischievous mode."  His last concern was the old lady looking at makeup, and so I watched him run on by in his cowboy boots.  After browsing the makeup, I went back to the hair-care aisle and picked up a new handheld mirror, and then I walked across to the Housewares section and took another selfie in a cheap full-length mirror they had on display.

After my adventures in the hygiene area, I next marched right over to the women's section so I could browse for thigh high stockings. Walmart had their own brand of stockings, Secret Treasures, on display in the center of the pantyhose area, but off to the side I found some thigh highs by Hanes for $5. Fortunately they had a pair in sheer black in my size, and as I also scanned the pantyhose, I found another pretty pair of pantyhose in black with a French-cut panty design in the support area of the pantyhose. I thought the look would be super pretty, and so on a whim, I bought a pair of those pantyhose as well.

With two packages of pantyhose in hand, I scurried over to a mirror in the women's section and took a quick selfie of my crossdressed and shopping for pantyhose. After my little photo shoot, it was time to check out, and so I took the pantyhose and the mirror to the self serve registers to check out. There were a few stations open, and so I just walked over to the nearest station and began scanning my things. I paid $5 for each pair of pantyhose and then $4 for the mirror, and just like that, I was on my way out the door and walking to my car enjoying the clicking sound of my boots on the pavement.

When I arrived back at my car, the stall next to me was empty, and so I quickly set up my mini-tripod and took a few pictures of me standing next to a huge oil patch in the parking lot holding my new treasures. As I drove home, I was already thinking of fun combinations of lingerie that I could put together with these new thigh-highs and French-cut pantyhose, and so I'm obviously looking forward to what the future brings and the pictures that come out of it.  : )

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2/2 Black Bra Day

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