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My Black Bra Day

Do you ever wake up in the morning and just feel like wearing a black bra?  Sometimes I have those days, and since I had a short window open for some girl time today, I decided to run a few errands at Walmart dressed in an outfit that would be perfect for a black bra and panties underneath.

The top I chose to wear over my black bra today actually belongs to my wife.  I'm not sure where she purchased it, and I didn't recognize a brand name from the tag inside, but the style of this top is for the girl to wear it in a loose fashion.  As a result, it droops near the edge of the shoulders on my wife, and the blouse is plenty bulky around her torso.  Now, my wife is quite petite, and I can barely borrow any of her things, but I can fit into this top, and so I've been dying to wear it out.

The color is a fun mustard color unlike any other top that I own, and the material is thick enough that it hides the impression of the bra for the most part in the front and back, but the wide neckline means that it's easy to have the bra straps peek through here and there.  I found that as I was wearing this top today, I was always wanting to adjust my bra straps inwards towards my neck just because.  :  )

Because this top is designed to wear loosely, it doesn't really gather in around the waist and make that area look flattering on a person like me, and so instead of jeans, I decided to wear the top with a skirt. I really liked how it looked with denim, and so I chose to pair this top with my knee-length denim skirt from Old Navy. Because it's still winter-time, it would have been too chilly to go out with bare legs, and I deducted that most girls would wear a pair of long boots with the skirt in the winter, and so I decided to wear my high-heeled boots as part of the outfit.

I couldn't imagine wearing tight, knee-length boots without pantyhose or tights underneath because I wanted to keep my legs warm enough in the cold weather, and so I stepped into a pair of L'eggs Sheer Energy sheer-to-waist pantyhose in suntan.  I actually love the look of denim and suntan pantyhose, and so I posed a bit in front of my full length mirror and took some fun pics without the boots.  I loved my look in just the pantyhose and skirt, and I also loved it how my top was already sliding down around either shoulder giving me a peek of my black bra straps.

With my outfit set, I pulled my hair back and into a tight bun to keep it out of the way, and then it was time to dash to Walmart. I had two essentials that I needed to buy, and then whenever I go to Walmart, I also like to browse around the cosmetics aisles. The first essential I needed was a hand-held mirror. When I go out dressed as a girl, I obsess about my appearance from every angle, and so I need a hand-held mirror to view myself from the sides and from behind. The mirror that I've used for the past 10 years or so sustained a large enough crack in it (hopefully not because I had a bad hair and makeup day as a girl) that it finally broke into two pieces, and so I had to throw it away darn it.

The second item I needed was a pair of black thigh-high stockings. I used to borrow a pair from my wife that we purchased together at Victoria's Secret, and I'm modeling the stockings in the picture there at left.  Now, however, I just can't find where my wife keeps these stockings and maybe she got rid of them altogether, and so I would like a pair for myself now.

Walmart doesn't have the prettiest of stockings, but I've been doing a bit of browsing around at department stores lately, and a typical pair of black thigh-highs costs $10.  I normally don't wear thigh-highs as you all know, but I really wanted a new pair because of a fun series of photo shoots that I have planned for the month, so I thought a cheaper pair of thigh highs from Walmart would be sufficient since I'm only going to use them as a prop for my photo shoot.

Regarding the photo shoot, lately I've had this bug to redo all of my lingerie pictures. From time to time I'll go back into the archives of all my pictures, and when I view some of the older shoots I'll often think to myself, "You can do so much better now." The last time I did a photo shoot in black lingerie was clear back in 2009 (that pic at left is from that shoot...and look how young I am ! ! ), so I'm definitely ready for some new pictures.  A girl also shouldn't do pictures in black lingerie without a pair of thigh high stockings, and so I wanted to pick up a pair at Walmart today, so with that in mind, I had a few good reasons to run errands as a girl.

I arrived at Walmart late in the morning, and the store was already teeming with the usual crowd, but I felt pretty and confident, and so I walked into the store making sure to look up at the monitor from the security camera they have positioned at the entrance. One of these days I'm going to take a selfie of myself on that monitor, but I was all girl business today, and so my first stop was the personal hygiene area to pick up a new mirror. The makeup aisles are also next to the hygiene area, so that would enable me to kill two cups with one bra as they say.

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2/2 Black Bra Day

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