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A Simple Visit to Walmart (page 2)

Danielle picked out a brush for me, and then she also took lots and lots of pictures of me shopping for makeup. I really appreciated the spontaneous pics of me shopping because for many of the pics I was never looking directly into the camera. I always wonder what I look like from the side or from the rear, especially from the eyes of another customer who was standing at arms' length away from me, and Danielle helped to answer that question by taking some of these pics.

As we were thoroughly going through the makeup section, Danielle suddenly piped up and said, "Hey, I think I found some blue eye shadow for you." Danielle found small case of blue eye shadow from the L'Oreal section, and so she brought it over me my examination. The blue looked like a close match to what I was searching for when I went to Macy's and Sephora, but this L'Oreal shadow had more of a shimmer to it. I still thought it was pretty, and so we added it to our little pile of makeup items.

After thoroughly covering the makeup section, our next stop was lingerie. As we marched towards lingerie, we stopped here and there in the women's clothing section looking at sweaters and tops that could possibly work in this scenario or that. I rarely buy clothing from Walmart because I know I can usually find a similar item that's a little bit cuter at Old Navy, but it was still fun to shop with a girl friend and take pictures as we roamed around.

When we finally made it to lingerie, we once again took our time browsing through the bras and panties. Unlike the makeup items in our basket, we didn't need new bras and panties, but it was still fun to go through the different brands. We found the Warner's bras, and I showed Danielle a bra that I bought at Walmart a little over a year ago that is designed to eliminate back bulge. It's such a comfortable bra, and so I showed it to Danielle, and then we browsed around at all of the Warner's bras.

There were two ladies working at Walmart across the way manning the fitting rooms, and they looked our way a few times, but I don't think we really drew any unwanted attention. After looking through the bras and panties, we ended up in hosiery, and I checked to see if the L'eggs pantyhose were on sale. There's always a style and shade that I'm lacking, but the pantyhose weren't on sale, and so I looked at Danielle and said, "Anything else?"

There wasn't anything else that we cared to look at, and I didn't have any more items on my list, and so we headed to the self serve registers to check out. As we were checking out, two items wouldn't scan properly: the makeup brush and the L'Oreal eye shadow. I was able to key in the UPC code for the eye shadow, but we just couldn't figure out the makeup brush. Part of the problem is that in my late forties, I need reading glasses, and the numbers on the brush were just too tiny for me to see. After fussing with it for a full minute, I finally focused on the numbers long enough and was able to key them in and get it to take. We had a good laugh over it, but it all worked out in the end.

As we exited Walmart, Danielle scooted ahead a few steps ahead of me so she could turn around and take pictures of me exiting the store. I was so pleased with how the pictures turned out, and it's such pictures that makes it so valuable to be able to go out with another person. The pic below shows me in a natural setting doing what a natural girl would do, and so it was fun to see how well it turned out.

After exiting the store, we went off to one side of the entryway and I posed for about 20 more pictures, and when we were done with that, it was time to say good-bye and return to reality. Oh that living life as a girl was my reality, but I know that it's not, and so I put my new makeup wipes to good use and de-girled in my care before heading back to work. Today's outing was extremely simple, but it was an enjoyable hour that I hope to experience again and again.

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