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A Simple Visit to Walmart

coming out of Walmart crossdressed as a girlAs I bring my autumn updates to a close, my heart is truly full of gratitude for all that I've been able to do crossdressed as a girl in public. I so badly want to live life full time as a woman, but since I choose not to take that route at this particular time in my life, my consolation is to be able to present myself as a woman in public and do all of the things that regular girls do.

I've had such a fun time the last few months meeting new friends and expanding my horizons, and I've been really grateful for Danielle and the way in which she's made herself available to me when I choose to posing at Walmart crossdressedventure out as a girl. Today was a perfect example of how having a friend along for an outing makes it that much better. A friend can take better pictures; a friend can consult on purchases; and a friend is most importantly someone there who will listen to me talk and express my feelings.

I texted Danielle today and told her that I was planning on dashing over to Walmart to restock some makeup items, and it worked out to where she was able to meet me there and come along for the ride so to speak. I know this is just Walmart, but I've been in this "dressy" mood of late, and so I decided to wear a sweater and skirt for today's outing.

Thanks to another friend, Karen, and her generosity, I've been able to build up my chilly weather wardrobe at Ann Taylor, and today's weather definitely called for this girl to be in a sweater. I just adore the magenta bell-shaped sweater that I purchased at Ann Taylor this month, and so I paired that today with yet another one of my maxi skirts, this one in black with diagonal white stripes. I thought the combination looked good, and I was already underdressed at work, so I just went with my L'eggs pantyhose in nude under my skirt and then completed the look with my black ballet flats.

driving to Walmart crossdressedAfter transitioning in the front seat of my car, I drove to Walmart and met Danielle there. She would be going on this outing crossdressed as a guy again, and I really owe her big time now. Danielle did remind me as we were walking into the store that even though she wasn't dressed as a girl, tagging along on this outing would allow her to still shop the makeup aisles and lingerie right alongside me. And she does have a crossdressed at Walmart buying makeup remover wipespoint. Every time that I accompany my wife shopping, I'm always looking at things out of the corner of my eye just in case I need to come back as a girl.

Danielle and I went to Walmart during the busy lunch hour, and so there were people streaming in and out of the store everywhere, but neither of us had a care in the world as we marched through the busy entrance and headed over to cosmetics, which is the first area to the right after you enter the store. This particular Walmart kind of walls the girls into a little maze now that runs through the cosmetics section, and there's only one way in and one way back out. It wasn't always like this, but I think they reconfigured the makeup section because too many naughty girls were grabbing makeup items and running out the door because it was so close.

Regardless of that, I had a few items on my list starting with makeup remover wipes, and so we started there. Sometimes I like to buy the "travel" packs of Neutrogena wipes because they are always fresh by the time I use them up, but I've had so much girl time of late and have lots more planned that I decided to purchase a full pack today. Danielle was of course there at every turn to take pictures for me, and I just love the flexibility of having a camera woman along.

After selecting the makeup wipes, we next walked every aisle looking at shadow, eyebrow pencils, eyeliner, false eyelashes, lipstick, and pretty much every other makeup that girls like us use. I also wanted to try a makeup brush to apply my eye shadow, and Danielle was surprised when I even brought it up. She thought I had been using a brush all along, but I've actually been using those little matchstick applicators that come when you buy a small palette of shadow.

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