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Dresses Upon Dresses (page 2)

On my way to the fittings rooms, I walked towards this large mirror on one of the walls, and I just had to stop and take a quick selfie. It was just fun to see me holding those colorful dresses among a sea of pretty women's clothing. Now, I probably wouldn't wear most of what was available in the women's section of the thrift store, but there are always those hidden gems among the racks, and I love finding them!!
a crossdresser ready to the try on an armload of dresses at the thrift store
After taking a selfie from the sales floor, I entered the fitting room and lined all three dresses up on the door and then also hung the bra from one of the hangars. I suppose I could have tried on the two dresses I picked out for Danielle for a man hanging his dresses up in the fitting roomfun, but I left them hanging there from the door so I could eyeball them carefully and determine whether or not they'd work for her.

my bra presenting perfectly from behind through my top in the fitting roomBesides scrutinizing the two dresses for Danielle, I did have the pink and white dress for me and the bra to try on, and so I posed for a few photos in my original outfit before removing my top and trying on the Lily of France bra. I suspected going in that it would be too small for me, and while I was able to clasp it around my torso, it wasn't comfortable at all, and so I decided not to purchase it despite the whopping $2 price tag. : )

With the bra out of the way, it was now time to nervously attempt to fit into that pink and white dress. Unlike the two dresses I picked out for Danielle, this dress was cotton, and it also had a very narrow waistline, so I knew there was going to be little room to spare. I pulled the dress over my head and shoulders, and this is usually the point where a girl can sense whether or not a dress or top will actually fit, and at this point, I felt as if I wouldn't lock myself into the dress if I pulled it all the way down, and so I worked the waistline around my breasts and then straightened everything out, and fit!!

I posed this way and that in front of the full-length mirror and was amazed by how pretty this dress was. I didn't need yet another new dress, but I needed this dress, and so I took my time taking pics from all angles. There are a lot of cute aspects to this dress, but one of my favorites is the high, tight waistline and the way it causes the lower half of the dress to flare outwards along my lower half creating the perfect A-line. I was sold. For $5, I was definitely taking this dress.
a gorgeous crossdresser modeling a pink and white dress in the fitting room
I was able to remove the dress just fine, and so I put myself back together with my cute ruffle top and maxi skirt, and I was ready to march right over to the registers and purchase three more pretty dresses. I quickly sent the new dresses to Danielle, and the night she received them in the mail, she sent me two more photos of her in the new dresses, and of course she was wearing nude heels with the pink dress. What a lady!
a man posing in his dresses wearing pantyhose and heels

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