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Dresses Upon Dresses

crossdressed in the fitting room with an arm load of dressesSeveral updates ago I talked about my older sister, Danielle, and how she felt as if she didn't have any dresses to wear. Danielle and I went shopping together around Halloween when she came to visit, and at that time she did buy a new dress for herself, but that was that lone dress that she had.

As a girl, I know just how special it is to wear a dress. In fact, when I saw this ad from Ann Taylor pop up in my email, I just had to save it because it really spoke to my heart. I've shrunk the ad down so I can display it here:

an ad from Ann Taylor promoting dressesIf the small text at the bottom of the ad is too small to read, this is what is says:

Effortless Style 101:
Throw on a dress.
Run out the door.
Feel great all day.

I really can't say it better than that, and so when I found out that Danielle was in "dress stress," I just had to act.  As I detailed a few days ago, I found an elegant dress by Elle at Kohl's that I sent to Danielle, but I wanted to visit my favorite place to shop for dresses:  the thrift store.

Let's face it, the thrift store is not an elegant place to shop, but girls like Danielle and I have to be practical. Until we fully transition and live our lives as transgender girls, we need to be reasonable when buying dresses, and so shopping at the thrift store for pretty, gently-used dresses is definitely a viable option. As a result, when I had a window open up for a few hours this morning, I decided to crossdress as a girl and shop one more time for dresses on behalf of Danielle.

a crossdresser in her top, panties, and pantyhose before putting on her skirtAs for my outfit, I bought this way cute top at the thrift store a few months ago, and it's totally a summer top, but it's so cute that I just couldn't bear putting it away until the middle of next year, and so I decided to wear this top today and pair it with a maxi skirt, pantyhose, and flats. After pulling on the top over my bra, the next step was to slide into my pantyhose, and after adjusting them properly in front of my full-length mirror, I was so enamored with the look and how pretty they displayed over the top of my lacy floral panties that I put on a pair of high heels and took a few pictures on the spot.

a crossdresser ready to go shopping in a cute top and a skirtAfter my photo shoot fun, it was time to finally step into a silky white half slip and then pull on my maxi skirt. I decided today that I would tuck my top into the waistband of the maxi dress, and tucking in a top like this can be risky for girls like us because we don't have that natural hour-glass figure, but I thought I would give it a try today anyway just for fun. After situating my top and skirt, I needed just a few more minutes to primp and fuss in front of the mirror, and then it was off to the thrift store in search of more dresses for Danielle...and possibly another one for me.  : )

I felt so pretty and so passable today that I had no worry at all about what anyone else thought of me, and so I entered the thrift store without a care in the world and marched right over to the racks of dresses. As I did at Kohl's a few days ago, I located the sizes that I thought would work for Danielle and then I leafed through each dress one by one. I didn't want to buy anything that I wouldn't wear myself, and I also wanted Danielle to look as pretty as possible, and so I took the task at hand quite seriously.

After going through all of the dresses, I picked out two that I thought would work for Danielle. The first dress was from one of my favorite brands, DownEast, and it was a crossdresser in a ruffle top taking a selfiea subtle pink dress with large crème-colored polka dots. The fabric was silky, and the dress had an elastic waistline that is helpful for girls like us as we try and work around our tummies. When I sent a picture of the dress to Danielle, her very first comment was, "I'll need to get a pair of nude heels," and I thought to myself what a total girl!!

The next dress was by Apt. 9, a Kohl's brand that I like quite a bit...just not as much as the Elle brand. This dress was also silky and stretchy, and the design was a kind of diagonal black and white checkered pattern. This dress was also knee-length, and I thought it would be super pretty on Danielle. As I was looking for these two dresses, I couldn't help but pull one more dress off the rack for me, a bright pink and white dress with polka dots from DownEast.

When I felt as if I had looked all of the dress over, I folded the three dresses over my arm and then headed towards the fitting rooms, but not before taking a slight detour past the lingerie rack. As I glanced briefly at the bras and panties, I noticed a darling bra in 34A by Lily of France, and so I removed it from the rack and took it to the fitting room just in case it would work for me as an underdressing bra.

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