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Going Out for Chinese Food Crossdressed (page 2)

When we got the restaurant, Danielle came around and held the door open for me as I exited her car. Before walking into the restaurant, I posed for a few pictures outside in the bright light, and it was fun to have another camera person there with me. Before I go on, I just have to say that Danielle passed 100% as a guy today. I'm positive that no one gave her any strange looks, and her voice was impeccable. Way to go Danielle!!  : P

As we entered the restaurant, we saw the "Please wait to be seated" sign, and in short order, a Chinese fellow came scooting over to us and asked us to follow him. As we entered the dining area, there were four or five parties already seated, and the greeter showed the two of us to a booth. Sitting at a table right next to our booth was a family with a few small children and one in a high chair, and I think the parents were too busy with their little ones to really scrutinize the beautiful blonde sitting across from Danielle.

We both ordered something yummy off of the affordable lunch menu, and then we began one of our usual lunch chats only I was dressed as a girl for this one. A few people came and went passing us by, and the friendly waiter took our orders and brought us our drinks, but I don't think anyone suspected that I wasn't actually a woman...and that felt good. Our salads came first and then our food, and I had Danielle take a few pictures of me with my plate of sesame chicken. As for Danielle, she ordered walnut shrimp, and we both had fried rice and an egg roll on the side. I picked a few pieces of broccoli from Danielle's plate to get more veggies, and it was a marvelous meal with great company, fun conversation, and nobody suspecting that I wasn't a woman.

There was no way that I was going to finish all of my meal (my goodness, look how much food is on my plate in that picture above!!), and so when we were both satisfied, we asked the waiter for a carry-out box.  He brought that along with the bill, and we were ready to go but not before opening up our fortune cookies. My fortune read, "Long life is in store for you," and as soon as I read it, I knew that it was missing a key phrase, and so I took the liberty of adding that in myself:

As we left the restaurant, Danielle commented that we needed to take a pic of me holding my carry-out box, so we took a picture in the entry-way of the restaurant and then a few more outside.

After lunch, it was unfortunately time to de-girl and head back to work, but I was grateful that I was able to participate in this lunch date dressed as a girl. I told Danielle that it was my turn next to treat her to lunch with me crossdressed as a guy and Danielle dressed as her girl self. It's a fun arrangement that we have, and while the majority of time we eat lunch together crossdressed as guys, it's always nice for one of us to reveal her true identity and go out to lunch as a girl.  : )

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