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Going Out for Chinese Food

In my previous entry I talked about dress shopping for my big sister Danielle. In that entry I talked about how 2017 has been a wonderful year for me in regards to meeting up with friends face to face, and one of the most enjoyable things that I've started doing this year is meeting my middle sister, Danielle, face to face as two guys. We are both used to each other's schedules, and whenever our paths are close to crossing, we will usually meet up for lunch and just brown bag it someplace where we can sit and chat for awhile.

I've never been to therapy for gender dysphoria, but engaging in these lunch hour chats with Danielle has been super therapeutic for me. Besides that, we also get to enjoy a yummy lunch, exchange girl pictures that we took of the other person, and just talk about our lives and struggles as two transgendered girls.

Well, today Danielle texted me and asked if I was available for lunch, and I replied to her, "Do you mind if I go as a girl?" Danielle said "Yes" of course, and so the two of us went out to lunch with Danielle crossdressed as a guy and me dressing according to my gender identity. : )

When I received the text from Danielle, I was already at work, but I do keep a stash of things at work just in case. One such item of clothing that I was storing at work was this pretty navy dress from DownEast that I bought last spring on a shopping trip with Heidi. I wore the dress once over the summer to the supermarket so I could practice walking in high heels, but I hadn't found an opportunity to wear it since, and so I decided to wear the dress to lunch today as I thought it would be appropriate for the occasion. Danielle and I decided to skip the brown bag part of lunch and go out for Chinese today, and so the two of us would look like two coworkers or even two friends out for a fun lunch.

Along with my navy dress I decided to wear nude pantyhose underneath, and then I completed my look with my black ballet flats. As I gathered up my things at work and put them in my backpack, I realized that I was missing two fairly key items: a normal pair of false eyelashes and a hairbrush. I did have the pair of eyelashes with fun red ribbons on the outside corners that I wore as Minnie Mouse for Halloween, and so I decided that they would be better than my natural eyelashes, which are tiny and almost non-existent.

As for the hairbrush, I didn't want that to be the deciding factor in whether or not I went out as a girl, and so I decided that I would just have to make do without. I'd rather go out to lunch as a girl with disheveled hair than I would as a guy in any circumstance, and so about 30 minutes before Danielle was going to come pick me up, I slipped out of work and transitioned in the front seat of my car.

When I felt I was ready, I needed to go to the bathroom a little bit, and so I decided to change our meeting place just a bit so I could drive to some nearby movie theaters and use the restroom there. Danielle was fine with that since it was on her way anyway, and so I dashed into the movie theaters and walked into the ladies room. Since it was the lunch hour on a workday, there weren't very many people at the theater, and there were no other women in the restroom as I walked in.

I took care of my business and then took some time at the mirror to try and brush my hair into shape with my fingers. I managed a quick selfie as I did this just so you can see my messy hair at the beginning of my outing.

While I was at the mirror, one lady did walk in, but she didn't give me a second look, and before she could finish doing her thing, I was satisfied with my hair and exited the theater to meet Danielle. She was already waiting for me when I went outside, and so I hopped into her car and off we went for Chinese. As we drove, I took the obligatory selfie, and then I also took a picture of my legs crossed in the passenger seat. I drive wearing a dress and a skirt all the time, but I'm rarely dressed that way in the passenger seat, and so it was fun to be able to cross my legs like a lady and take a picture without having to pay attention to the road.

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