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A Dress for Danielle...and Me (page 2)

a blue elle dress for menShe replied that it was beautiful, and so I knew I had at least one dress for her. The second dress I pulled out of the mix was also by Elle, and this dress was a pretty blue with two fun triangular lace patterns in black pointing inwards at the waist in order to create the illusion of an hour-glass figure. I just had to smile to myself at the brilliant design of this dress, and I liked it almost as much as the black dress with flowers. The problem with this dress is that it was a size down from the black dress, and it also didn't have as much stretch to the fabric, and the closer I examined it, the more I felt that it wouldn't work for Danielle. I so wanted it to work, and I looked everywhere for a size larger, but it just wasn't to be darn it.

a man wearing a dress in teh Kohl's fitting roomIn my quest to find a blue dress in Danielle's size, I came across a tie dress that I tried on over the summer during one of my "Dress Off" events with my dear friend Wendy. At the time, this dress was priced at about $40, so I wasn't going to buy it, but it was still way cute and looked like the perfect summer dress. I went back and found a picture of me trying on the dress over the summer and will post it here. Anyway, I found this dress again on clearance, and it was even in my size!! I knew I didn't need to try it on again, and so I scooped it up along with the black Elle dress and put it over my arm.

As I was searching the clearance racks, I also came across several pair of Elle stretch slacks that have interested me since I found them earlier this year. The slacks were on a man trying on girls jeanns in the fitting roomclearance for $14.99, which was more than I would like to pay, but they were still way cute, and so I searched for some pairs in my size. I found the slacks in a size 6 and a size 8, and so I took both pairs to the fitting room to try them on. As I was looking at the slacks out on the sales floor, they looked oversized to me, and so I tried on the size 6 to check the fit.

I loved the cute pattern on these stretch slacks, but unfortunately, the size 6 was still too bulky on me. I suppose I could have made them work, but they were too loose in the crotch, and if you look below my left hand, you can see a little bit of an extra fold. I really love these stretch slacks that Elle has come out with, and I've found them now in this fun checkered pattern, and I also tried on a pair over the summer with an equally-cute white polka-dot pattern, but unfortunately, I just couldn't find a pair on the clearance racks that fit me properly. All I could do was sigh at this point, but at least I had a cute dress for both Danielle and myself.

After exiting the fitting rooms, it was time for me to scoot on my way, and so I took the two dresses over to the men's registers in order to check out. I do lots of shopping at Kohl's, and I've figured out that the lines at the women's registers are always about three times as long as the registers in the men's section, and so I usually check out at the men's registers.

The girl who helped me was named Stephanie and about 25 years old. She had modest facial jewelry besides her pierced ears, and I could also see some sort of writing tattooed across her chest. In short, she was someone who could be labeled as sporting to an "alternative" look. There was nothing extreme about her look, though, and to be honest, I actually feel more comfortable with a person like Stephanie. Anyway, she was so polite and sweet, and she was a true girl as she praised both dresses when removing the hangers and folding them up. I don't think she detected anything different about me, and it was a very smooth transaction between two girls.

When I got home, I just had to try on my new dress and so I took a few pictures modeling it in front of my full-length mirror. The only problem with this dress is it's definitely designed for warmer weather, so I won't be able to wear it out until next year darn it. In the meantime, I sent the Elle dress to Danielle with my fingers and my bra crossed that it would fit, and I was elated when she sent me a pic of her looking gorgeous in the new dress along with black pantyhose and heels. Way to go Danielle, and I'm not done dress shopping for you!

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