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Walking the Dog Crossdressed (page 2)

Since it was a school day today, I figured that there wouldn't be too many other people in the park, and when I pulled into the parking lot, there was only one other car parked there that turned out to be a nanny who had brought the small children in her care to play on the swing set in the park.

I parked several stalls away from the nanny's car, put the leash on my dog, and then began our walk. My intention of course wasn't to only walk the dog; I also wanted to take some fun pictures while doing it, so I tried to read the movements of our dog and then place my camera somewhere and set the timer to take a few snapshots, but the little bundle of energy just wouldn't hold still for that perfect picture.

As you can see in some of the pics I'll post here, the leash is pulled so tight at times you'd think I had a fifty pound marlin on the other end of it, but that was just the dog wanting to do its thing while I wanted to at least pose for a pretty picture in my dress and flats.  Besides trying to get the dog to cooperate, I still had the direct sunlight to deal with as well, but I was able to take a few workable pictures of the outing even if the lighting on some of them is not optimal.

There's really not much more to tell about the outing. Nobody else visited the park for the 20 or 25 minutes we were there, and my dog was more interested in the perimeter of the park than the actual play set where all of the kids were, so it was just a fun afternoon trying to juggle the dog in one hand while taking pictures with the other hand.

One important aspect of the outing is that I was able to enjoy the time outdoors in the warm sunshine while wearing a dress. Some of my very first cross dressing adventures as a teenage boy came late at night when I would take the dog for a walk wearing a slip and pantyhose beneath my tracksuit.  If I felt super brave, I would actually take off the pants of my track suit and walk along the sidewalk with the lacy slip acting as a skirt, and I shall never forget the sensation of feeling the cool night air caress my legs through my pantyhose not to mention the way my feet felt in my Reeboks with pantyhose and no socks.  : )

As a result, today's outing was simple yet fun, and I hope to be able to walk the dog again crossdressed as a girl in the near future.

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