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Business Lunch Crossdressed (page 2)

crossdressed at Noodles and CompanyI said goodbye to the mall and then headed towards the noodle restaurant. Both Danielle and I arrived at the same time, and so we greeted each other in the parking lot before I handed her my phone and said, "Please start snapping away!"  It is so nice to have someone else along to take pictures.  Oh my goodness, it just makes these outings more fun, and it's so much easier to document them for my blog.

crossdresser selfie eating lunch at Noodles and CompanyDue to the time of day we met, there weren't a whole lot of people in Noodles and Company. We had to wait for about a minute in line, and then I ordered first.  The girl who took my order was Polynesian, and if she suspected anything, neither Danielle nor I could detect it.  I ordered a simple bowl of penne pasta with a meat sauce and paid with my guy debit card (the amount was less than $5, so I didn't want to charge it).  Danielle ordered next while I found us a table, and that wasn't too hard because there were probably only six or seven other parties in the restaurant.  I chose a table close to one of the windows so we would have a bit of privacy and natural light for pictures.  I just had to laugh when I looked in my phone later and found that busty pic at left.  : )

The two of us ate and talked about our recent shopping adventures and had a splendid time, and I was so grateful for Danielle agreeing to accompany me like this as a guy. Not only could she take better pictures, but having a real live guy (or girl) along is probably the perfect prop that people like us can have. I had Danielle snap a few pictures during the meal, and then she took a few more afterwards as we sat there and chatted. After I finished my lunch, it was time to relax and chat a bit, so I removed my heels and was just sitting there with my legs crossed in my taupe pantyhose.
a crossdresser with her heels off under the table crossing her legs in taupe pantyhose
After our meal, we went outside to the side of the store to pose for a few more pictures. The restaurant was a bit dark, and it's always difficult to take good pictures when all of the light is outside, and so we went outdoors and took some photos in front of the store and then in a seating area off to the side.  Mainly, Danielle wanted to capture my full outfit in better light, and I think she did just that.
a man crossdressed as a woman posing for photos in public at a Noodles and Company
There really isn't much more to tell about the outing. We had a delightful time, the food was yummy, and I got to dress like a girl for a fun business lunch.  Thanks Danielle...I shall return the favor soon!!

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