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Business Lunch Crossdressed

pretty crossdresser at Noodles and Company wearing a sweater and skirtYesterday my friend, Danielle, contacted me and told me that she would be near my office building in the afternoon, and so she offered to meet me for a "business lunch" with her coming as a guy and me dressed as a girl.  After checking my schedule, I found a window that would work, and so I took Danielle up on her offer.

a crossdresser's profile in public during a business lunchWe decided to meet at a Noodles and Company for a late lunch, and that's definitely not the fanciest of restaurants, but it would suit our needs just fine.  I was eager to attend this lunch as if I was a business woman because it meant that I could dress up in a nicer outfit than normal, and I always jump at the chance to wear a skirt or dress with pantyhose and heels.

I decided that I would go all Ann Taylor today, and so I chose my new knit sweater in a pretty, light mauve color, and then I paired the sweater with a black and white floral design skirt that I bought at Ann Taylor over the summer. This particular skirt flares out nicely from the waist, and I thought that the two separates were the perfect combination for my outing today.  I was really thrilled with my look from all angles.

Because this was going to be a business lunch, I also wore L'eggs Sheer Energy support pantyhose in Taupe, and then the final touch was a pair of modest black heels.  I wore these same heels to the mall when I was shopping for new eye shadow at Macy's and Sephora, and I thought they'd be appropriate for today's outing as well.

driving crossdressed in a mauve sweater from Ann Taylor and Warners braAs I was driving to the restaurant, Danielle sent me a text indicating that she was running about 20 minutes late, and so I decided to first visit an old shopping mall that was near the restaurant.  I say "old" because this shopping mall was actually a train depot long ago, and then it was converted into a modest shopping mall once automobiles became the norm in our city.  It's quite a quaint little place, and it used to by a high-end destination mall, but over time newer, sleeker malls were developed in the general area, and so all of the stores that occupied this old train depot moved out to the more modern locations a good example being the mall with the Macy's and Sephora that I visited the other day.

crossdressed at the mall wearing a skirt and pantyhoseI hadn't been to this mall in several years, and as I pulled into the parking lot, I could tell that it was slowly dying. As I grabbed my purse and scooted into the mall, I was shocked at how few people were really there. Many of the stores were empty and had the "For Lease" signs posted, and it was sad to see the place so deserted. I remember fondly shopping at Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Laura Ashley, etc. in this mall, but those stores all relocated. I decided that since I was wearing heels that I would just stroll throughout the mall for a few minutes practicing walking in heels and then looking for any stores that would capture my interest.

Sadly, there just weren't any stores left that I wanted to visit, and so I rested on a bench for a few minutes with my legs crossed just enjoying the fact that I was walking through a mall in a pretty sweater, skirt, pantyhose and heels. I took various photos here and there, and then as I was positioning my camera in front of the mall where they have a fountain and large water tower, Danielle called and said she was just a few minutes away.
crossdressed at the mall in front of a fountain

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