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New Makeup from Sephora (page 3)

I took both of the items and thanked her, and she walked me over to the line queuing up in front of the cash registers. I thanked her again and she thanked me for coming in, and the final step was to wait in that line to pay for my new shadow.  As I looked around, I thought to myself again, "You don't belong here."  I was easily twice the age of everyone else in the store not to mention the tallest girl there, but in a strange way, I really enjoyed the experience.

There was a large mirror behind the cash registers, and I could see my reflection in the mirror, and so as I waited in line, I snapped a picture hoping to see myself in the mirror. I'll post the original below as large as I can get it, and see if you can find me in the picture. : )

When it was my turn to pay, I used my girl credit card, and the girl who assisted me was as equally polite and professional as the other girls I interacted with at Sephora.  After swiping my credit card, the cashier put my purchases into a tiny black Sephora bag and then handed it over the counter thanking me in the process.  We both exchanged thank yous and smiles, and that was my trip to Sephora for $20 eye shadow.  Oh, and just for fun, here is an up-close picture of me in line waiting to pay for my new shadow:

As I walked back out into the mall area, I just had to laugh at myself thinking, "What did you just do?"  I knew I was way too old to be in there, but in a strange way, I was elated.  It was a very fun experience, and I can see myself doing it again.  As I walked back towards Macy's and the parking area, I set the black Sephora bag down on a decorative rock in the middle of the mall and took a quick picture of it. I realized that this was indeed a badge of honor, similar to girls who parade around the mall carrying pink-striped bags from Victoria's Secret.  If only for a moment, it was fun to feel somewhat young and experience the thrill of a young girl exploring new makeup.

As I drove home, the evening sun burst through the clouds and shone warmly on my face, and so I let down my hair and just enjoyed the moment. To me, this was one of the scariest outings I've ever undertaken, and so it was fun to review the details in my blonde head as I drove down the interstate. As much as I felt as if I didn't belong there, I still had so much fun and want to go back. I suppose I'll eventually make it back to Sephora crossdressed as a girl, but in the meantime, that $20 shadow better be worth it!

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