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New Makeup from Sephora (page 2)

All of the girls were with customers, and so I browsed around a little bit and managed to sneak a selfie at the Estee Lauder counter.
crossdressed shopping for Estee Lauder makeup
After a few minutes, one of the cosmeticians finally came up to me, and asked me if I needed assistance. I took out my eye shadow container and told her I was trying to match this color in blue, and then she went to work looking through the different brands for blue eye shadow. Many of you probably know the routine when trying to match eye shadow, but it was a first for me, and so it was fun to watch the girl find the blues in each brand and then brush a little bit on the side and back of her hand near the base of the thumb.  I took the pic below at Sephora, and if you look closely at the girl's left wrist, you can see various shades of eye shadow brushed across it.

The girl who helped me at Macy's was a Latino girl named Antonella, and she was probably a max of five feet tall. It gave me a bit of a complex to tower over her like that (and I was also in heels!!), but she was very professional and was genuinely trying to match the shadow. As we talked, I scrutinized her makeup and noticed the precise wings she had drawn with her liquid eyeliner, and then the way she enhanced her eyelashes with a large set of falsies.  I couldn't get too jealous of her look because she was probably half my age, and my skin is just too wrinkly around the eyes to do that anymore, but I did carefully inspect her makeup as we went from station to station looking for a close match to my eye shadow.

I probably spent five minutes with Antonella, but we weren't getting very close. She made the comment that blue is just not a popular color any more, and some brands didn't even have a blue eye shadow whatsoever. There were shades that leaned more towards purple or more to green, and then the blues we did find all seemed too light. We weren't getting very close, and so Antonella hesitated a bit and then said I could go down to Sephora and check there. I got the sense that she wanted to sell me some shadow, but we weren't even close to matching my color, and so I decided to really take the plunge and go to Sephora.  I thanked her for her time and then exited Macy's into the main artery of the mall and walked a bit to Sephora.

crossdressed at the mall in a dress and pantyhoseBy this time, there were lots of people everywhere walking around, and I certainly did get some looks, so the real question is...were they looking at a pretty girl in a dress and heels or did they suspect I wasn't actually a woman??  It didn't matter to me because I was committed, and so I made my way to Sephora ready for another adventure. I've actually been to this Sephora as a girl before, but it was just Heidi and I dashing in for a quick photo opp. This time I actually needed to engage a worker and have her try and match my eye shadow, so I was more than nervous.

At the door were two girls with red baskets in their hands handing out samples of moisturizer. They asked if I would like a sample, and of course I did, so I took one and put it into my purse. I told one of the girls that I was looking to match some shadow, and so she called into the mic hanging from her ear piece and called someone to come get me. I would be lying if I said I was completely relaxed in this setting, but I was committed to replacing the eye shadow. As we waited for an assistant to come and get me, one of the moisturizer girls commented that the highlights in my hair were pretty and that she liked how I was wearing my hair.

I'm pretty sure she meant the compliment because I've been in situations where someone will make a remark like that and then make eye contact with someone else and smile, but I felt as if her remark was genuine, and it made me feel good. I also thought about how neat it is that girls can freely talk about hair and makeup and fashion, etc. and give each other sincere compliments like this.

In time, my assistant came, and she was another short girl (of course!). She wasn't wearing a name tag, so I didn't get her name, but she was a very young and pretty Asian girl. I guess I should mention that at least half of the girls in Sephora both working and shopping were young Asian girls, so I was really out of my element.  My assistant was very kind, and the first thing she did was to open up my eye shadow container and brush some blue along the base of her thumb just as they did at Macy's. After brushing it on her hand, she looked closely at my eyes, and so I closed them to give her a better look. Hopefully she felt that my makeup was suitable, but who knows?

crossdressed outside of Macy's wearing a dress and pantyhoseAfter confirming the color of my shadow and how I applied it to my eyelids, she led me from one section to another just as they did in Macy's pulling out all the shades of blue or those close to it and brushing it on the base of her thumb. As she did this, I was able to take a quick picture of her since she was bent lower to reach for some shadow stored in a bottom cabinet. Unfortunately, we weren't having much success at Sephora either, and my assistant here made the same comment that blue is not a popular style right now.

After we had checked all of the different stations of eye shadow, I had a decision to make. I thought it would be lame to have gone through all of this in two separate stores only to go home empty-handed, and so I told her that I would take a pretty lavender shade of shadow that she demo'ed for me. She reached into the cabinet and pulled out a small container, and as she did so, I noticed the price tag of $20. My goodness I thought to myself, but I didn't want to back out now, and so I just went with it.

After she handed me the shadow, her next question was, "Will you be using this with a magnetic palette?" and honestly, my first reaction was "A magnetic what-it?" It was at this point that I knew I was in way over my head and completely out of my element, but my mind was able to process the fact that there are actually magnetic palettes that girls can use to attach their favorite shades and colors. I replied that I didn't have a magnetic palette, and so she reached back into the cabinet and pulled out an empty container and said, "You'll need this then. It's only a dollar."

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