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That Dress

There is nothing quite like shopping for a dress, and so as Danielle and I were wrapping up our trip to the outlets, we decided that we just needed to make time to visit the Dress Barn.  With our purchases in hand from Ann Taylor and Old Navy respectively, we entered Dress Barn just before noon to see if we could find some fun dresses.

There were a handful of other ladies in the store when we entered, but it didn't take long for one of the sales ladies to approach and ask if we needed assistance with anything. I answered that we just wanted to browse, and then the helpful lady informed us that we could get an additional 20% off our purchase if we signed up for an automatic texting program. I told her thank you again, and then the two of us were off to browse through the store.

We worked our way slowly across the sales floor looking at dresses, skirts, slacks, and even the items in clearance. As Danielle was looking at some of the tops available in clearance, I took a picture of her shopping. It is nice to have another girl around when shopping because the pictures just turn out so much better.

Danielle and I were in the store for about 15 minutes and really hadn't warmed to anything that we wanted to try on, but then we moved to another section of the store and I stumbled upon two dresses that were way cute. The first dress was sleeveless and had a peach bodice and skirt with classy black-lace embroidered netting around the bodice. It was a really cute dress, but they just didn't have anything big enough to fit me darn it.

The next dress was a classic floral keyhole dress that ended just above the knees, but it wasn't so short that a girl like me couldn't get away with wearing it. As I looked at the dress, Danielle kept encouraging me to try it on, and while I wanted to try it on, I really couldn't justify buying myself yet another dress, especially one as nice as this where it would be hard to find an occasion to actually wear it. I also guessed that I needed a size 8, and they only had a size 6 and a size 10 on the rack.

The dress was so pretty, though, and the fabric was so silky, I finally agreed to at least take the dresses to the fitting room to see which one fit best.  I had never tried anything on at Dress Barn before, but in the center of the sales floor they have this gorgeous changing area with pink walls, white trim, and lots of mirrors.  I asked one of the sales ladies for permission to try on the dress, and she happily said yes and asked my name.  I told her Lisa, and for the second time this morning, I had a helpful sales woman write my name on a fitting room door for me.

The woman showed me into my fitting room and then Danielle took a chair in the general area just outside. The inside of the fitting room was gorgeous with light pink wallpaper and a white couch.  I just had to take pictures of my shopping outfit before I even tried on the dress, and as I did, all of sudden two vinyl shopping bags came flying through the bottom of the fitting room door as I was sitting for the pose with my legs crossed.  I was quite startled by the gesture, but as I took a closer look, I could see that each bag contained a beautiful pump by Nine West in black.  Danielle is such a girl that she brought along a pair of pumps just in case she needed to wear them while trying on a dress, and now she was lending her heels to me.

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