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Old Navy Outlet with Danielle (page 2)

Since I was acting as the photographer today, we decided that Danielle would try something on and then knock on my door, and then I'd open it and snap a few pics of her in the new outfit. As Danielle went to work in her stall, I removed my top and jeans and then tried to pull on the dress. Unfortunately, "try" was as far as I got because I knew the dress wasn't going to fit properly around my torso darn it. The more I looked at the dress, the more I realized that it was a girls size XL, and there was just not enough stretch in the dress to be able to wear it comfortably. I suppose I could have forced the dress around my torso, but for what reason??

I was a little bit dejected but not too much as I removed the dress and then put myself back together, and so from this point on, it was just a waiting game for me waiting for Danielle to knock so I could take pictures of her in the things she was trying on. Alone in the fitting room with my camera, I decided to gauge my look from all angles, and so I clicked away in my pink tee shirt and jeans while Danielle was busy at work in her own fitting room. I'll post a series of pictures of me from the fitting room, and you can get a look at me from all angles:

In particular, I just love the pic at far right. I took a similar pic in a magenta sweater at Ann Taylor, but the lines of my body look so good in this pic. The thinnest point of my torso comes just beneath the band of my bra, which to me is the ideal location, and while my hips could be bigger, there is a detectable a-line running down to my hips making them appear much wider than my waistline. I just love this flirty pose, and I'm determined to keep this girlish figure for as long as I can.

Okay, I'm done being vain and fawning over my pictures. Let's turn the attention now to Danielle. Danielle tried on four different items, and she looked good in all of them. She actually tried two different sizes in that gray dress with the black stripes, but I'll just post the cutest pic in that dress from the fitting room here.

Danielle ended taking the dress, the short-sleeve top, and the tunic top (my personal favorite!!).  She decided against the sweater, but in in talking to her after our shopping outing, she feels buyer's remorse for not getting the sweater too.  After she put herself together, we headed for the registers where I took care of the transaction due to my voice. The girl who assisted us was very pleasant, and before we knew it, we were back outside having Danielle pose in front of Old Navy holding her new purchases. Way to go Danielle!!

Danielle had time for one more stop, and so we decided to go to Dress Barn, and we had an experience there that was so breath taking, I think it needs its own entry, so I'll get that one posted soon enough.  : )

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