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Old Navy Outlet with Danielle

In my previous blog entry, I talked about an amazing shopping experience I had at the Ann Taylor factor outlet. I spent over an hour at Ann Taylor with a personal assistant, Carrie, who took care of my every need. Thanks to the generosity of another dear girl friend, I was able to go on a bit of a shopping spree and add some darling Ann Taylor separates to my wardrobe.

When I told my friend Danielle my plans to go shopping at the outlets, she indicated that she would like to meet me there, and so I told her to text when she was getting close. Since I was able to leave earlier than Danielle, I took care of the Ann Taylor excursion alone, and with Danielle still a few minutes away, I decided to dash to the ladies room to transact a different kind of business. I have used the restrooms at these outlets before, so I wasn't really afraid of walking into them again. There was one girl already in there when I walked in who finished before me, and then I quickly took care of my own things along with taking a few pictures along the way.

After exiting the restroom without incident, I walked over to a bench near the restrooms and waited for Danielle. I happened to find myself in front of the window to the Calvin Klein store, and so I took a few selfies outside. When I was done with that, I saw Danielle's car pull into the large parking lot, and so I called her and waved her over to my location. Danielle was smartly dressed in a gray top with cute white capris, and then she had a long-sleeve sweater on appropriate for the season. To cap things off, Danielle was wearing these darling ankle boots, and she was dressed perfectly for a morning of shopping.

Before we got started, Danielle indicated that she needed to use the restroom as well, and so I guided her back to the women's room and then waited outside for her. Since this is still new territory for her, we devised a system where I would alert her if another girl was coming in, and so she quickly took care of her needs inside while I stood watch outside. When I could hear her washing her hands, I re-entered the restroom and took a few pictures of Danielle at the sink. That's what friends are for, right??

With both of us refreshed, it was time to visit the first store together, Old Navy. I had just recently shopped at my local Old Navy with my other girl friend Danielle, and so I was hoping the outlet store would have a greater selection of things I hadn't seen yet. Danielle and I entered the Old Navy without incident and began shopping in the dress section. All of the dresses were familiar to me except for a cute red casual dress with a fun paisley pattern. The size of the dress said XL, which is usually more than enough size for me at Old Navy, but it looked smallish, and so I decided to try it on.

Aside from the dress, I also leafed through the skirts a bit. As was the case at Ann Taylor, I wanted to find a dressy skirt with a pencil feel to it, and I did come across some black skirts hanging up with black polka dots, but they just didn't have anything in the smaller sizes. It was still fun to browse through the outfits, however, but in the end, I only took the red paisley dress to the fitting rooms.

As for Danielle, all of the clothing selection was new to her, and so we spent more time looking for things that would work for her. Danielle found a few dresses that she liked, and then she also found some cute tops and a long-sleeve sweater. After browsing through the clearance area as well, we both decided it was time to head for the fitting rooms.

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